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This eight-bedroom extravagant private country house on Borana Conservancy was originally built as a country retreat

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Built as a country retreat by two brothers; Lords Valentine and Michael Cecil, the House offers you the ultimate escape into Kenya and its beautiful scenery, perfect if you are looking to enjoy an unforgettable family holiday.

At Laragai House, you can expect the utmost privacy and luxury during your stay, allowing you to focus on creating irreplaceable memories whilst on your safari in Kenya.

Set in a rich and colourful garden, the house overlooks Borana Conservancy and northern Kenya overlooking the beautiful and natural landscape. The conservancy itself, which is privately owned by the Dyer family and covers a vast expanse of over 32,000 acres, is home to nine endangered species of wildlife, including both black and white rhino.

The house offers the ultimate in privacy and luxury; perfect for those looking for the perfect Kenya holiday and comes into its own for birthday parties, groups, celebrations and inclusive family holidays.


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Where is Laragia House located?

The House is located on Borana Conservancy, in the heart of Kenya. With the imposing Mt. Kenya dominating the skyline, there are few views like it. Borana Conservancy is a four-hour drive from Nairobi, but only a 45-minute flight.

There are daily flights from Wilson airport in Nairobi and we are happy to organise these flights for you. All commercial flights fly into Lewa Downs’s airstrip, an approximately one-and-a-half-hour drive from Laragai House, however, this drive is across both Lewa Wildlife Conservancy and Borana Conservancy and so is by no means a dull ride. We have had guests see the Big Five on the way from the airstrip to the house!

Laragai House also has its own private airstrip, so if you would like us to arrange a private charter flight transfer, this will be able to land there and is just minutes’ walk from the main house. Borana Conservancy also has its own airstrip for charter flights, a 20-minute drive from Laragai House.

What sort of accommodation is available at Laragai House?

Laragai House has eight bedrooms and can comfortably sleep 16 guests in complete luxury, while remaining fully inclusive. Each room is unique in its own way, allowing you to see the best of the conservancy from every view.

Laragai House is split into four ‘wings’ - making it one of the most perfect holiday spots for family travel; young children are happy to be near to their parents, with interconnecting rooms and bathrooms. Older children and teenagers enjoy the freedom of the rooms in the west wing of the house, where they can have freedom and privacy away from the rest of the group. Older members of the group can be given rooms that suit their needs and are practical for their age.

When is the best time to visit Laragai House?

Kenya is on the equator therefore does not have major seasons. The climate is very pleasant and variations in altitude and terrain can create contrasts. Generally, in the Highlands the climate is cool and temperate; elsewhere the temperatures can reach approximately 35’C during the day. The coast is quite humid and balmy. Over most of the country there are two rainy seasons:

  • The “short rains” which occur from late October through November
  • The “long rains” which occur from late March to early June
  • It is perfectly possible to visit Kenya during the rainy season, few roads are   affected, the park is fresh and green and there are fewer people and vehicles. Rain usually falls in the late afternoon preceded by bright, sunny and fresh days
  • July and August are the coolest months and are often overcast especially in the morning
  • December-Mid March is the warmest time of the year

What should I pack and bring with me?

Your safari suitcase, packed properly, will ensure that you have everything you need for the ultimate African bush experience. Cotton clothing in neutral colours is recommended for all game drives and bush walks. It is best to avoid white clothing and dark colours for bush activities, as they tend to attract certain bugs. Formal wear is not required.


  • Passport (Kenyan immigration authorities require a minimum of two blank (unstamped) visa pages in the passport to enter the country) or Kenyan Identification Card
  • Visa
  • Yellow Fever vaccination (only required of all travellers over one year old, arriving from yellow fever infected countries)
  • Air Tickets/Vouchers/insurance details
  • Credit Cards (MasterCard or Visa) Debit Cards
  • Sun Glasses and Solid Case
  • Prescription Glasses (with extra pair) and Solid Case
  • Contact Lenses (with extra pair), we recommend that you also bring a pair of glasses in case of dust irritation. Books/magazines/journals Converter/plug set (Kenya uses 220v English square pin)
  • Binoculars – a must!
  • Flashlight (small, with extra batteries)
  • Camera & Equipment: Battery Charger and Adapter, Large Memory Card etc.

What Activities are Available?

Spending time at Laragai House means never a dull moment; whether you spend time using our spa and wellness facilities, going on game drives, walking with the rangers, tracking lions, sundowners on Pride Rock, or even using the Stand-up Paddleboards on the dam below the house - a holiday at Laragai House can feel action-packed!

  • Game Viewing

The unique geographical location makes the 32,000 acre conservancy a haven for a wide diversity of wildlife: buffalo, eland, hartebeest and herds of plains game. Reticulated giraffe are commonly seen nibbling the acacias, while the cooler forests shelter bushbuck, colobus monkey, the endangered Patas monkey and elephant. Predators are also found here, including large packs of wild dog, leopard, lion and cheetah.

  • Horse Riding

Given its location, Borana Conservancy is a perfect place to ride with its open plains, valleys, hills, forests and beyond. The stables have 26 horses that can be used to explore the length and breadth of the ranch in the early morning, the afternoon or on an all-day ride. Experience moving gracefully through herds of buffalo, giraffe and Grevy’s zebra or simply marvel at the majesty of a bull elephant.

  • Mountain Biking

Follow your experienced guide across the plains and through acacia woodlands as you discover this iconic African landscape on two wheels. And when you get tired (because it is hot and those hills can be steep!) there, behind you, is a Laragai House car carrying lunch, drinks, or even take you home when you are done for the day.

  • Stand Up Paddle-boarding

See wildlife from a very different view; stand up on a paddleboard and move serenely across the water as you watch wildlife, even elephants, drinking from the water. A totally unique and very fun experience!

  • Heli-Trips

A snow-capped mountain, deserts, volcanic lakes, lush tropical forests, open savannahs - as well as plenty of mammals, birds and plant life in some of these awe-inspiring natural habitats - this is a land with so much to explore. Laragai House is extremely well placed to set off into the great north by helicopter, with the country’s most experienced pilots.

  • Quad Biking

It doesn’t get much better than traversing the Kipsing region on quadbikes, these all-terrain workhorses allow you to explore vast swathes of the surrounding scenery whilst satisfying your sense of adventure! Established and led by Kenyans Amory Macleod and his brother, Jay - also known as Laragai House’s manager.

Borana Conservancy

Laragai House is set in the heart of Borana Conservancy. One of only six properties within the 32,000 acres, Laragai House feels a deep and personal connection to the landscape, wildlife and communities that can be found there.

Borana Conservancy is a conservation-focused landscape, set in the shadow of Mount Kenya, and only kilometres from the Equator. This incredible landscape is a home to thousands of animals, including nine endangered species. The conservancy’s mission is to provide a sustainable eco-system for the wildlife, while also in partnership and total harmony with neighbouring communities. Borana Conservancy is dedicated to building local livelihoods and enhancing the eco-system’s integrity for generations to come.

As one of the shareholders in Borana Conservancy, Laragai House has a commitment to contribute to the collective funding of the protection of wildlife, welfare of the rangers, and promotion of community projects - all run in partnerships with the properties, and through Borana Conservancy.

East Africa’s Biggest Rhino Sanctuary

In 2013, in an innovative move, the two neighbouring conservancies of Borana and Lewa decided to drop their fences.

This decision, which put the needs of the wildlife before anything else, allowed animals to cross between the two conservancies and increased their living space by double and created the largest and one of the most successful, rhino habitat in East Africa.

Now, over 160 black and white rhinos call the Lewa-Borana Landscape home - their relocation, protection and ongoing care has allowed for their numbers to flourish over the years and during your time at Laragai House we urge you to take advantage of the chance to meet the rangers protecting them, visit ongoing efforts to protect the rhinos and in you are lucky, see one of these incredible creatures for yourself.

Wildlife On Borana Conservancy

Borana Conservancy is famous because of our rhino population – but thousands of other animals call the area home.

The plains animals include zebra (as well as the Grevy zebra, one of the endangered species and a delight to spot), Grants and Thompson gazelles, Oryx, Jackson hartebeest (endangered), impala, giraffe (including the diminishing reticulated giraffe) and buffalo.

Larger animals that can be spotted include elephant, cheetah, and an abundance of leopard, hyena, bat-eared fox, jackals, hippos, serval cat, genet cats and civet cat.

Smaller beasts are also plenty too. For those bird-lovers, Borana Conservancy has over 300 species of birds, in all colours and sizes.

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