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Extraordinary journeys for extraordinary people

No Two Journeys Have Ever Been The Same

We are the only exclusive tailor made safari company in Europe that is entirely owned and staffed by people who have spent their lives being brought up in Africa. We know, watch and understand the seasons and the effect that these have on the movement of wildlife– something which cannot be gleaned on a 2-week research trip to a country. We specialise in providing only the very best in unique, bespoke safaris and holidays to Africa, whether for a couple, family or larger group of friends.

Extraordinary Occasions

When we reach certain milestones or have special occasions to celebrate, we occasionally search for places that we have yearned to visit in which to mark such a momentous event. We have arranged parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions for many of our clients in Africa, India, Bhutan and South America.

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10 Steps to the perfect safari

We want you to have the perfect holiday and whilst we will ask you all the right questions to ensure that we understand exactly what you are looking for, the list of questions below might assist you in your decisions for the ultimate tailor made holiday to Africa.

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When to go

The following is simply a guide and we would urge you to contact us to discuss in detail the months in which you intend to travel to Africa, as well as where to, because each country, and in turn, each area, comes into its own at certain times of year.

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Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour and catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore – Dream – Discover - Mark Twain - You can view clips of some of our own favourite discoveries here.

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Private Travel

We have so many requests these days for a family or group of friends to have exclusivity and privacy. A private safari to Africa can mean private villas, private houses, a luxury, private, mobile tented camp erected just for your party in a wildlife-rich region, a private yacht or boat, or taking over a camp or lodge in the bush.

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Premium Service

In addition to our Private Travel, we also offer a Premium Service for all of our clients. We have introduced this in response to our client’s demands. The service is multi-faceted, completely flexible and designed to run as an additional layer to our highly bespoke safaris and holidays.

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Latest News

Walking Safari

A walking safari is the most exhilarating way of experiencing a safari in Africa as one gets so much closer to wildlife without the noise of an engine. Of course there is a degree of vulnerability which heightens the senses but this is a good thing! How often is one called upon to use those senses today? Everything is so much more immediate – from analysing the urgent bark of a baboon, to the strong scent left by a predator or an elephant or simply enjoying the early morning smells of the sage plant, fresh from the first dew.

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Private Safaris

We’ve discussed luxury and we’ve talked about the fact that Africa can be enormously “grounding”, reawakening many an instinct that lies dormant within us.

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Bespoke Safaris

I really don’t think there is any other way of undertaking a safari these days with complete success unless it is entirely bespoke, which is exactly what we do at African Explorations.

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Tailor Made Safari

We think the very best sort of safari is a tailor made safari. That way, you can ensure that you get exactly what you want! The perfect lodge or camp for you, the perfect area offering the best wildlife viewing, or bird watching, or plants – whatever takes your fancy!

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Elephant Back Safaris

Elephant Back Safaris are the most unique and in our opinion, one of the best ways of going on safari in Africa!

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Luxury Kenya Safari

A luxury Kenya safari is something that many people dream of! The world is divided by those who love wildlife and really want to get up close and personal. This means to sleep in a tented camp, listening to the amazing night calls of the whooping hyaena or a lion calling to its mate in the distance, or defending its territory. With the wind blowing gently through the gauze windows, one sleeps so soundly!

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