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Discover the 12 attractions that make Botswana a wonderful safari destination

Botswana is one of Africa’s most notable safari destinations and countries, peaceful, a true democracy, a conservation haven, extraordinary scenery, remote and pristine. I lived and worked there for over 20 years, and dearly love the country.
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Is 'Sustainable Tourism' possible in Peru's Andes? - The answer is here.

Peru has to be one of the most well-known hotspots for some of the most extraordinary and challenging hiking in the world. Think high mountain passes, verdant sub-tropical forests, ancient Royal Incan pathways and archaeological sites and of course, remote rural and traditional villages.
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Where are the 7 Very Best Luxury Tented Camps in India?

The current luxury tented camps across India offer so many experiences, whether you’re looking for a rugged, outdoorsy adventure or an indulgent, romantic vacation, there’s something for everyone!
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hEthiopia - Tigray churches 2- med.JPG

Ethiopia’s top 9 amazing places to visit on holiday

Ethiopia, with the most UNESCO World Heritage Sites in Africa, is a country of many contrasts. There are a wide range of altitudes and many distinct areas, from the highest point in the Simiens to the lowest in the Danakil Depression, lying below sea level.
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4 enchanting secret desert gems in Southern Africa

Lucia Van Der Post, the well-known writer for the Financial Times’ How To Spend It magazine, recently travelled to Botswana and Namibia for a life-changing desert experience, meeting the precious cultures of the San people that have lived here for tens of thousands of years.
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Argentina’s Top 5 jaw-dropping natural wonders

From the arid northwest of Argentina down to the tip of Tierra del Fuego, the country encompasses a huge area that equates to nearly half the length of South America. This means there is immense diversity when it comes to landscape and there is no shortage of places to visit and things to see.
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Where are the best trekking and walking holidays in Nepal?

This land of contrasts beckons to those who are willing to travel, as the majority of Nepalis do, on foot. This is the most fabulous way of getting to understand the complex and fascinating local culture of Nepal and having the chance to interact with some of the 103 different tribes in a genuine manner!
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Congo - Odzala - Lango camp3

More secrets revealed about my Gorilla trekking safari in The Congo

Odzala forest in the Congo is the home to the endangered western lowland gorilla, but there is so much more to see here too. Today I am on an adventure exploring the wilderness of the forest of Odzala National Park.
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Nepal - Mustang - Helicopter Annapurnas.jpg

The Spectacular Upper Mustang on foot or by helicopter

Don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to witness the entire Annapurna Himalayan range on a luxury holiday to the Upper Mustang and Everest in Nepal. Now you can trek on foot or fly by helicopter – the ultimate way to travel!
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South AMerica - Andes Lodges - Trekker and Mariposa Glacier.jpg

Explore the highest reaches of the Andes on an epic journey through South America

Explore the highest reaches of the Andes on an extraordinary, off-the-beaten-track journey from Peru through Bolivia and into Chile.
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Polar Latitudes - Chinstrap Penguins at Moonrise.jpg

Shackleton Centenary Voyages – The Epic Journey of a Lifetime

This coming Antarctic season (2016-2017) offers you the chance to immerse yourself not only in the incomparable beauty of Antarctica’s wildlife and spectacular landscapes but in the remarkable story of one of the most gruelling journeys and ultimately daring rescues in polar history.
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Tanzania - Horseriding - Kaskazi - lake

Superb, Eclectic, Tanzania Riding Safaris – Something Entirely Different

I absolutely recommend horseback riding safaris in Tanzania, which fall firmly into my top riding experiences in Africa - an ultimate experience for enquiring minds wanting to experience the real Africa on horseback.
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Asia - Bhutan - landscape lrg.jpg

Bhutan – good enough for the Royals!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently visiting Bhutan, an extraordinarily special kingdom, and the only country in the world where a government policy includes gross national happiness!
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Rajasthan - Jawai - Breakfast.jpg

Rajasthan – Luxury and adventure holidays off the beaten track

Rajasthan is a superb holiday destination where you can remain in the lap of luxury and yet adventure into rural areas to enjoy the colourful villages, deserted temples, dramatic wilderness and historic forts and palaces.
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Africa - Tanzania mobile tented camp - Legendary - tent.JPG

What are the benefits of a luxury private mobile tailor-made safari in Kenya?

Many people ask me what are the benefits of a private mobile safari in Kenya. For me, it is the ultimate way of going on safari! Complete flexibility, freedom and exclusivity! Who could want more from life?
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Annapurna Area in Nepal.jpg

Walking the Himalayas with Levison Wood

If Channel 4 and Levison Wood’s recent documentary following his 1700 mile trek, ‘Walking the Himalayas’, inspired you to visit this dramatic and beautiful landscape, recent news that Nepal is to become more accessible to visitors will be very welcome news indeed.
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South Africa - Adventurous activities - Table Mountain Jump

Adventurous activities on luxury safari holiday in South Africa

South Africa is best known as being the adventure capital of world, offering over 130 adventurous activities from exhilarating abseiling to shark cage diving. There is also a diversity of legendary scenic wonders from Table Mountain to God’s Window.
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Annapurna Area in Nepal.jpg

Nepal becoming more accessible for walking and trekking holidays

If Channel 4 and Levison Wood’s recent documentary following his 1700 mile trek, Walking the Himalayas, inspired you to visit this dramatic and beautiful landscape, recent news that Nepal is to become more accessible to visitors will be very welcome indeed.
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2016-02-10 - Blog - India - Central India Cycling Safari 1.JPG

A luxury cycling safari holiday through Central India

Recently I had the most amazing experience of going on a three-day cycling safari through Central India to take in breath-taking views offered by the Maikal Hills and to explore the tribal areas of Chhattisgarh.
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2016-02-10 - Blog - India - Aashraya on Ganga - Cottage 2.jpg

Aashraya on Ganga, near Rishikesh, Himalayas – “Paradise in the middle of nowhere”

For complete escapism, look no further than the delightful Aashraya on Ganga. The realisation of a longstanding dream for the owner, this traditionally built and eco-friendly retreat is a great place to stay for those seeking serenity and a remote location combined with daily adventures.
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Africa - Namibia The Best value luxury safari holiday in Africa for 2016 - Sossusvlei Desert Lodge

Namibia - the best value luxury safari holiday in Africa for 2016

The best value safari in Africa? Undoubtedly Namibia! This extraordinarily beautiful country, with dramatic and colourful sand dunes, crystal-clear starry skies and great walking and balloon safaris, is now delivering amazing value for money. Here are some ideas for my favourite places to visit…
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Guacho Horse riding - Patagonia - Chile.jpg

What to expect from a holiday in Patagonia

Patagonia is an incredible destination, the home of towering peaks, blue-white glaciers, tranquil lakes, soaring condors and the romantic and solitary figure of the gaucho. Visitors to this part of South America cannot fail to fall in love with its rugged landscapes and charming inhabitants, be they human or animal.
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Atacama - Awasi - Alfresco Lunch and Private 4x4 vehicle.jpg

Where are the remotest holidays in the world?

Recognising that a crucial travel ingredient for many of its clients is to avoid the frequently trodden path, The Explorations Company have collated a highly personal “private collection” of very special safaris, holidays and ideas that you will absolutely love!
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Mendoza - 2CV Self Drive with Slowcar.jpg

Exploring Mendoza’s Vineyards by 2CV

Argentina, along with its neighbour Chile, has long been known for its wonderful beef. What better way to accompany some of the best steak in the world than with a beautiful deep rich red wine.
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Santiago - Heliskiing 4.jpg

Heli-skiing in the Andes of Argentina & Chile

For those of us that love the slopes, the fresh mountain air and that early morning downhill run through untouched powder, skiing (and snowboarding of course) is a passion and an addiction that is hard to ignore.
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Cienfuegos - Square & Vintage Car.jpg

Great Cuba tour by Vintage Car

Cuba has to be one of the most enticing and unique, not to mention one of the largest, of the Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Its Spanish speaking population and ubiquitous rhythms of mambo, rumba and salsa give it a thoroughly Latin feel but it’s the fascinating mix of cultural influences, history, politics, architecture and music that have created a truly beguiling destination.
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Vintage Cars Rajasthan 3.jpeg

Vintage & Classic Car Journeys in Rajasthan

Cars, trains, buses, and planes aren’t the only way to get around a country. From the pulled rickshaws that came to India in the early 20th century to travelling in some of the rarest and most elegant vintage cars in the world.
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Kolkata (Calcutta) India from Hand Pulled Rickshaws to Walking Tours

The British have left several things which still revolve around the time and life of Indian’s, whether that be Toy Train of Ooty, Shimla or Darjeeling, trams or the Hand Pulled Rickshaws of Kolkata.
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SOM_5285 3.jpg

Stay at the Khas Bagh Jaipur and Ride Marwari Horses

The rich, colourful heritage of Rajasthan, its splendid ancient forts and magnificent palaces and its proud tradition of horses, all combine to create a fascinating setting. There is no better way to see Rajasthan than on the back of a beautiful, forward going and spirited Marwari Horse.
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Jaipur - 4.JPG

Hot Air Ballooning in Rajasthan

I can’t forget my last visit to Rajasthan as it was so different from any that I ever taken! One of my favourites was hot-air ballooning near Jaipur. It is not something I would normally consider but it is one of the many special experiences that you should include when visiting and therefore a must for me to try out too!
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