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Where are the top 3 Malaria-free regions for family safaris in South Africa?

South Africa is a magnet for travellers seeking diversity in all if its glory, a simple two week journey can incorporate so many different experiences and contrasting landscapes. One of the added bonuses is that it offers the chance to observe magnificent wildlife, in areas that are 100 % malaria free.
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Where can you 'bake a cake' on a Family Safari in Africa?

With baking having become the new fashionable hobby spanning all generations we cannot ignore the trend! On family safaris (our favourite type of safari) baking is an essential ingredient to ensure younger children have fun!
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How to choose the best safari accommodation for families

There are many different elements that make up the perfect family safari, but one of the foremost in terms of children’s interest overall is likely to be where one stays. Not only will carefully choosing the right location and style of property or camp ensure that everyone gets a good night's sleep, it can (and will) also fire the imagination of everyone participating.
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The best family holiday in the Himalayas & Northern India

When I take my family on an annual vacation, we try to mix luxury and style but we also love to engage with the destination. Kumaon is brilliant for families as one can walk from village to village, observing the peaceful, rural culture without another tourist in sight.
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Costa Rica – Life at the Extreme with Davina McCall

This week I am looking forward to watching the last episode of ITV’s Life at the Extreme with Davina McCall. This programme sees her in one of my absolute favourite wildlife destinations in Latin America, which is perfect for a luxury wildlife holiday.
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Sri Lanka – perfect luxury family holidays

If you are wondering where your family should travel this year for a well-earned break, consider Sri Lanka, the perfect family destination!
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The benefits of a tailor-made safari

There are certain things that the majority of people will want to do and see when they go on a safari but the chances are, with (for example) a family group travelling together, that there will be differing individual ideas as to specific priorities.
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Africa’s Top Five Family Safaris

I started taking my own children on safari from the age of four because I come from Africa and I visit my family each year and take the children to see their grandparents and extended family.
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Cape Town Top 5 Tours for families

Cape Town is alive with action and adventure and now the perfect destination for families. With amazing weather for much of the year you are being spoilt for choice with so many different experiences - from malaria free safaris to villas on the beach, to funky hotels in Cape Town.
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South Africa’s best family safari holidays

Taking my own family back to South Africa on safari each year, I am constantly amazed at all the new, exciting and adventurous activities on offer in this magnificent country! From stand up paddling, to quad biking, mountain biking – a family safari is not just about seeing wildlife – although that is the main draw.
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Family friendly safaris to Kenya

Coming from Kenya myself, I may be slightly biased, but I hope I am still objective in my thought processes. I have been lucky enough to take my own family on safari each year throughout Africa, so why do I still maintain that Kenya pips the post when it comes to a family friendly safari?
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Best Kashmir Family Holiday

Following a recent amazing journey through Ladakh, we visited the beautiful valley of Kashmir. Unfortunately none of the airlines are operating direct flights from Leh to Srinagar and therefore I had to travel via Jammu which is just a 40 minute flight. We literally took off and in about 20 minutes started our decent over the Zabarvan Mountains to land at Srinagar. You do have to go through lots of security checks at the airports at Leh, Jammu and Srinagar so do factor in sufficient time if you have to catch a flight.
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The best Family Holiday ever in beautiful Ladakh

I recently enjoyed one of the best family holidays ever – to Ladakh in the northern part of India close to the snow-capped mountains near Kashmir. As a family we are very seasoned travellers and quite adventurous, however the closer our departure date loomed the more conscious and nervous we got particularly as we were now travelling with a 5 year old for the very first time. The suitability of this new journey and the likely standard of the accommodation along the way were high on our list. Would everything really be suitable for families with young children?
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Peru: The perfect destination for Family Holidays

Where better to start your exploration of the vibrant South American continent with your family than the beautiful and diverse country of Peru. With a fantastic infrastructure, a huge range of delightful accommodation to stay in and an incredible contrast of destinations and activities as well as relatively easy access, Peru makes for a wonderful first time destination for travellers to South America.
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Our Favourite Belize Family Holidays

Belize makes an excellent choice for a family active adventure with its combination of friendly English-speaking local communities, a wonderful coast overlooking the clear Caribbean Sea and a whole host of activities in the rainforest of the mainland looking out for a huge diversity of wildlife or exploring Mayan pyramids and temples, caves and waterfalls. Whether you want to float down rivers by canoe or snorkel among rays and tropical fish, we can help you plan an amazing family holiday to Belize.
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Why we love the Galapagos for Family Holidays

The Galapagos Islands are one of the world’s finest wildlife habitats – an incredible classroom for adults and children alike as you experience encounters with the unique species of the islands up close, both on land and under the water. Combine this with some wonderful experiences on the mainland in beautiful and welcoming Ecuador for a family holiday of a lifetime.
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Take the family on an Argentina Riding Holiday

Argentina is perfect for energetic family holidays where you can mix outdoor adventures in Patagonia or the Pampas with exotic rainforest and exhilarating waterfalls as well as plenty of chances to see unique wildlife.
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Adventure & Wildlife on a Costa Rica Family Holiday

Costa Rica makes an ideal family holiday destination for children of all ages. Small, friendly, great value and full of fascinating creatures to discover in the rainforest as well as being malaria free means even your little ones can enjoy the adventure here.
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Action-packed Family Holidays in Mexico

Colourful, vibrant Mexico has miles and miles of idyllic beaches which, when mixed with incredible history brought to life by its vast pyramids, astonishing wildlife highlights and a whole host of active adventures, make it perfect for families of all ages.
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Brazil's Beaches & Wildlife are great for Family Holidays

Brazil is a great destination for families, most especially with older children who love their action adventures, whether on land or in the sea. It is a vast country with lots of different microclimates, so there is always a destination to suit whatever the time of year.
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Ecuador Holidays for Families of all ages

Head to Ecuador for a wonderful and incredibly family-friendly holiday which in a relatively small area offers a whole diversity of experiences from rainforest to riding among volcanoes, kayaking into mangroves and snorkelling with sealions.
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Where are the best family holidays in Latin America?

What better way to prise your children from their i-pads and games than to take them on a life-changing journey to the Galapagos Islands, one of the world’s most fascinating and engaging wildlife destinations? A year round destination set on the Equator, this archipelago is home to unique species of birds, marine and land mammals that are as curious about you as you are to see them.
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Family Holidays in Costa Rica and Peru

Only a short flight south from mainland Ecuador, the access point for the Galapagos, lies beautiful Peru which would make a wonderful combination for a really special family journey. You have easy access into the Amazon Basin where children will be intrigued by the unique species of creepy crawlies, amazing plants and giant river fish of this area in either beautiful family friendly fully screened lodges or aboard delightful luxurious river cruise boats.
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Family Holidays in Sri Lanka

A great way to enjoy best family holidays in Sri Lanka is by combining a stay at the fairly simple yet very comfortable Mud House, a two and half hour drive from the airport offering a bunch of interesting activities with a tea experience at Tea Trails followed by wildlife viewing at Yala finally ending at a gorgeous beach along the southern coast.
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When is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?

Unlike many other Asian destinations, Sri Lanka can lay genuine claim to being a year-round holiday destination. You just have to know which side of the island to focus on in any given month, and this is never more important than when planning your special holiday to this beautiful island. So when is the best time to visit Sri Lanka?
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How to enjoy the best Family Holidays in Sri Lanka

Sri Lanka is a wonderful place to enjoy a family holiday and for children of all ages. Almost all of the hotels and villas are geared up for welcoming families with fantastic facilities, and friendly, experienced staff. The concept of the family is as important in Sri Lanka as anywhere and so you will find that travelling with your children and loved ones will actually enrich your journey through the island.
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Floating Homes – The Houseboats of Kashmir

Farooq Wangnoo has more white in his beard than the last time I saw him – mainly because that was 26 years ago and Farooq didn’t own a beard. He’s leaner but there is the same glimmering smile, the soft-spoken humour and the fanatic gleam when talk turns to fishing – as it inevitably must with a houseboat owner of his pedigree.
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Where are the best family holidays in Asia?

There is no better way for your children to experience other cultures than by travelling. We all know that travelling with children can be extra work - but the rewards are surely more than worth it! Children love seeing new places and doing new things. They love adventure. With its riot of sounds, sights and smells, India can prove overwhelming for first-time visitors, not least children. One of the best places to acclimatise is mellow Kerala, where families can enjoy the country’s richness of nature, history and culture with complete ease.
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The best family holidays in Sri Lanka

If you were to design the perfect family holiday, it would involve plenty of opportunity to enjoy the nature and wilderness, a bit of soft adventure and certainly beaches. That, broadly speaking, describes Sri Lanka.
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Family Safaris

Family Safaris to me are the ultimate family holiday! There is non stop entertainment, fun and education all thrown together!
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