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A luxury holiday to Madagascar is both wonderful and unique – it truly is the most overwhelming and wonderful country. Perfect for a couple or family holiday alike – a Madagascar luxury holiday is an explorer’s dream!

For any Francophile, Madagascar is a wonderful melting pot. The result is a sort of Franco-African laissez-faire that completely suits this highly individual country which is populated by people who are incredibly friendly, big-hearted, courteous and kind.

The capital, Tana, is an interesting city with a melange of local and French architecture. In the north of the country, think pristine beaches with gorgeous lodges and hotels (from Robinson Crusoe chic to Relais et Chateaux), private catamarans complete with skipper and cook, so that one can simply relax and snorkel or fish with a guide each day on their Madagascar luxury holiday; amazing wildlife, from over 70 species of lemur to tomato frogs; kayaking around the Masoala Peninsula – which houses three marine parks and a huge rainforest; African-style tented camps on a beautiful river with superb walking and guiding; incredible tsingys – sand or limestone features. Whale-watching with hydrophones. Great walking through stunning desert scenery with magnificent baobab trees and deciduous forests. Call us now to design the perfect luxury holiday to Madagascar for you!

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Madagascar Family Safaris

A Madagascar family holiday offers a really different and unique family experience. Whilst the country does not offer the concentrations or magnificent large animals that a traditional African luxury bespoke safari does, it does offer the most amazing holiday imaginable! One needs to be focused, as being the fourth largest island in the world, travel can be long, although we tend to use the local airline where possible.
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Sailing - Chartering a catamaran complete with skipper and crew

Sailing on azure seas, visiting coves, secret beaches and remote fishing villages makes for a relaxing and highly rewarding holiday and one of the best places to do this is Madagascar!
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Pristine and beautiful Madagascar Beaches

Pristine and beautiful – from Robinson Crusoe hideaways to Relais et Châteaux. The most well known of beach areas in Madagascar are those found on Nosy Be – an island to the north west of Madagascar with many hotels – mostly small hideaways but a couple of larger more resort styles too.
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Tsingys – Red and grey sandstone and limestone formations

Groups of unusual rock formations called Tsingys are one of the iconic symbols found in Madagascar. These unusually carved rocks are located in several areas around the country but not all are the same rock or colour.
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The wildlife in Madagascar

No biology lesson has ever been so interesting! Apart from some unique species of frog, insects, geckoes and snakes, unique to this magnificent isle, there are over 80 species of lemur in Madagascar, from the tiny to the large and unusual too.
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Desert areas of South Madagascar

Varying desert environments including Isalo and Andringitra with remote, dry, deciduous forests and even areas in the south with some vast salt and sand filled flats dominate the western length of Madagascar.
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Madagascar - Its people and eclectic culture

With over 18 different tribes, traditions and cultures, Madagascar is the fourth largest island in the world. The Malagasy people are referred to as both highlanders (including the Merina, Betsileo and Sihanaka) and the coastal people, including Sakalava, Antaifasy, Bara, and Bezanozano.
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Scuba diving around Nosy Be and the Mitsio archipelago

Scuba diving around Nosy Be and the Mitsio archipelago in Madagascar offers some terrific opportunities for diving and water sports, no where more so than Nosy Be – known for its ylang ylang production. This island is situated just off the north western coast of the mainland.
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Incredible and interesting plant life

With A Plethora of endemic plants and rainforests, Madagascar has more plant species discovered on an annual basis than any other country. It has over 1000 species of orchid and at least 12,000 species overall and so many of these are endemic.
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