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No Two Journeys Have Ever Been The Same

We are experts in organising bespoke holidays to Asia. We have in-depth knowledge and experience of this stunning continent, so you can trust us to plan a unique and memorable holiday for you. We recognise how the changing seasons can influence the scenery and wildlife, meaning we can expertly create your holiday to make sure your journey is the best it can be. Whether you’re travelling as a couple, a family or with friends, our unrivalled attention to detail will ensure that your tailor made, luxury holiday to Asia is one you never forget.

What makes us different?

From the outset we have always been involved in philanthropy and in particular Philanthropic Travel, supporting deserving, usually small, “sharp-end” conservation and community projects since our inception in 1989. In an age of increasing awareness about world issues and global needs there has been a growing trend towards “travel philanthropy” or, more simply put, using travel as a means to give back. The problem, however, is the overwhelming potential scope and, at the same time, making sure that promises are turned into reality. Our inchoate new offshoot, Philanthropy Plus, gives individuals who are eager to reconnect and help those less fortunate than themselves the opportunity to do just that as a core feature of their travel plans: thus travelling to - and directly experiencing as part of their holiday, safari or vacation – places and projects where they may be directly able to help.

Nicola Shepherd CEO of The Explorations Company is interviewed by Marcela Kunova

Nicola Shepherd, founder and CEO of The Exploration Company, organises unusual trips for HNW and UHNW clients ranging from birthday parties at an Indian Maharajah's palace to reliving Sir Vivian Fuchs's 1950s expedition to the South Pole. Citywealth caught up with her to talk about trends in the luxury travel industry.

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The Explorations Company CEO, Nicola Shepherd is Safari Awards Judge 2018 

All The Safari Awards Judges have been nominated by the previous years awards winners and finalists and are unquestionably the most highly-respected, knowledgeable independent tour operators selling safaris.

The judges sit at the head of the Good Safari Guide, ensuring that the lodges, camps and operations presented both in the guides and in the Awards really are the best in Africa.

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The Explorations Company are supporting Excellent Development in building Sand Dams in Dry-lands

The Explorations Company are supporting Excellent Development in transforming lives and habitats for local communities and wildlife. Here is how sand dams work and their potential impact in the world's dry-lands.

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Inspirational Safari and Asia Holiday Ideas

Choose A Country in Asia You Would Like to Visit OR Start Your Journey Here

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Extraordinary Occasions

When we reach certain milestones or have special occasions to celebrate, we occasionally search for places that we have yearned to visit in which to mark such a momentous event. We have arranged parties, weddings, birthdays, anniversaries and family reunions for many of our clients in Africa, Asia, Latin America and The Polar Regions

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10 steps to the perfect holiday

We want you to have the perfect holiday and whilst we will ask you all the right questions to ensure that we understand exactly what you are looking for, the list of questions below might assist you in your decisions for the ultimate tailor made holiday to Asia.

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When to Go

The following is simply a guide and we would urge you to contact us to discuss in detail the months in which you intend to travel to Asia, as well as where to, because each country, and in turn, each area, comes into its own at certain times of year.

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View our showreel

Twenty years from now you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do than by the ones you did do. So throw off the bowlines, sail away from the safe harbour and catch the trade winds in your sails. Explore – Dream – Discover - Mark Twain - You can view clips of some of our own favourite discoveries here.

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Client testimonials

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Private Travel

We have so many requests these days for a family or group of friends to have exclusivity and privacy. This can mean private villas, private houses, a luxury, private, yacht or boat in the Maldives or India, or taking over a havelli, a luxury tented camp in the jungle, a basic, rustic camp in the Himalayas in the mountains or in the jungle, or commandeering a boutique lodge in Sri Lanka.

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Premium Service

In addition to our Private Travel, we also offer a Premium Service for all of our clients. We have introduced this in response to our client’s demands. The service is multi-faceted, completely flexible and designed to run as an additional layer to our highly bespoke safaris and holidays.

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India - Saptura - Reni Pani - Leopard.jpg

Where are the top two travel destinations in Asia this year?

This time of the year, when the rest of the world is recovering from Christmas frenzy, there is tremendous anticipation and excitement across Japan for Fukubukuro or ‘lucky bags’.

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India - SEWA - Salt farmers woman at sunset2.jpg

How is SEWA empowering self-employed women of Gujurat and beyond?

In our constant endeavour to engage with and support effective and innovative charitable organisations across our destinations, in India the Explorations Company is supporting SEWA, a trade union that supports and empowers self-employed women from underprivileged sections.

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Sanctuary Ananda on river with temples on bank.jpg

The top 3 luxury river cruises in Myanmar (Burma)

For those who appreciate the art of slow travel and are as interested in the journey as the destination, river cruising is one of the best ways to explore Asia, whether it is travelling on the holy Ganges in India, mighty Mekong in Cambodia, Vietnam and Laos or the pristine Irrawaddy in Myanmar.

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India Ganges Hooghly Cruise - Upper deck.jpg

Cruising down the Ganges is one of the best ways to explore hidden India

For millennia the Ganges has nourished all of India’s great empires – from the Mauryas whose great Emperor Ashoka spread Buddhism around Asia to the Great Mughals and finally the British and other East India Companies.

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Myanmar Eastern Shan State - Opium Trail villager working in field.jpg

Where are the best trekking holidays in Myanmar (Burma)?

For those seeking real adventure, Myanmar remains one of the finest destinations in Southeast Asia full of untouched regions offering a world away from modernity where one could experience truly authentic tribal cultures and pristine landscapes.

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India Endangered Tiger in Waterhole.jpg

How can responsible tourism help to save the tiger?

Since the dawn of human civilisation, tigers have held a mystical place in our imaginations. Revered and feared by ancient cultures across Asia, tigers have been featured in many folklores and myths and have come to represent royalty, courage, wisdom, prowess in battle and protection from evil.

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