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Where To Go In Africa In February

Travelling on Safari in February

By February, the short, tropical rains in southern Africa continues. This time of year sees days when huge storms and short rains occur.

If your priority is a big game viewing safari, the majority of Zambia, Zimbabwe and southern Tanzania is best avoided at this time of year. Northern Tanzania and Kenya, however, do not experience the heavy rains until April and May, and both are excellent for game viewing. The Great Migration's calving season is in full swing, and all the cats are at their most active as they hunt among the large herds. Gorilla trekking is perfect in February, as Rwanda, like Kenya and Tanzania, is in its dry season.

Green season in Tanzania’s Nyerere National Park is the best time to track huge packs of wild dog hunting impala, a rare experience in most other months. Migratory northern carmine bee-eaters also make Nyerere National Park their home in February. This is the time to witness them dive bombing as your safari vehicle flushes out small insects and other prey.