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Bespoke Luxury Bhutan Holidays & Trips - You’ll truly believe you’ve reached Nirvana!

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We take you off the beaten track on your holiday in Bhutan, revealing lesser-known walks and inside knowledge via our specialist guides. Imagine walking through pine-scented valleys, the rich sound of birdcall following your every move, until you stumble across an unknown temple where monks reside.

You stop and listen to their mesmerising chanting and receive a blessing. You then return on your downward walk, feeling exhilarated, to return to your room with beautiful views over an ancient palace or across to the mountains. You then have a Bhutanese hot stone bath and a massage to soothe your aches and pains before sitting down to a heavenly meal. You truly believe you have reached Nirvana!

Our holidays in Bhutan offer something for everyone! It is perfect for couples seeking relaxation on a well-earned holiday, taking gentle walks in the most beautiful and romantic surroundings, staying in gorgeous accommodation which blends in with the surroundings and to immerse oneself in Bhuddism and the Bhutanese culture. It is equally perfect for the adrenaline-charged couple or those looking for a family vacation in India who want to spend their time hiking, trekking, cycling, rafting, kayaking, and playing archery and darts.

If quietness, scenery, culture and mountains draw you, then a Bhutan holiday surely must be your next special sojourn. Bhutan’s easy eccentricity is so compelling – a comfortable, unfussy uniqueness that pervades every aspect of life, from the traditional gho and kira that the people must wear, to the architecture, scenery and food! Picture a scene: near Chheri Gompa at the head of the Wang Chhu river a couple of hours beyond the capital, Thimphu, a yak train bringing in ginseng from the mountains along an age-old trading route that winds its way down from the high alpine meadows through dense temperate evergreen and semi-evergreen forest. As the beautifully decorated yaks trailed in to the road-head, a cavalcade of modern Japanese cars sweeps up the well-maintained road from Thimphu. A monk of some considerable antiquity emerges from the lead car and is, promptly and without too much ceremony, loaded onto a palanquin to be carried up the steep slope to the monastery. It is the retired Head Abbot or Je Khenpo of Bhutan, the second most important individual in the kingdom after the monarch! This is typical of what you will experience there on your holiday in Bhutan!

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Bhutan Family Holidays

Bhutan may not be the first country in Asia that people think of travelling to for a family holiday, but in truth, there is no reason why it shouldn’t be!
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Buddhist culture and Religious Festivals in Bhutan

A unique and unspoilt Buddhist culture set amidst stunning mountain scenery.
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Gentle walking and trekking in Bhutan

A wide choice of mountain walks and treks into truly wild country conducted just for you, on a private basis with your own private guide.
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Luxury hotels in Bhutan

Bhutan offers world class boutique hotels and lodges which simply elevate your entire experience, affording the most spectacular views of the magnificent Himalayan mountain range.
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Hiking, Rafting and Cycling in Bhutan

Cycling, rafting, hiking, walking and kayaking are just some of the most wonderful ways of discovering this truly breathtaking kingdom, perfect for families, groups of friends and couples alike.
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Wildlife holidays in Bhutan

Bhutan is one of the finest regions in Asia for birds (750 species) and wild flowers. With extraordinary bird life, wildlife, wild flowers and fly fishing, it offers the more adventurous travellers the perfect holiday!
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Private camping in Bhutan

A private camp that you can walk to and spend the night or perhaps take a walking holiday in Bhutan from three to seven nights, taking a journey from one region to another - the most spectacular way of experiencing this kingdom.
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