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We have so many requests these days for a family or group of friends to have exclusivity and privacy. This can mean private villas, private houses, a luxury, private, yacht or boat in the Maldives or India, or taking over a havelli, a luxury tented camp in the jungle, a basic, rustic camp in the Himalayas in the mountains or in the jungle, or commandeering a boutique lodge in Sri Lanka. We can assist you with the very best places to stay for your party as we have visited and know intimately all the very best lodges, hotels and camps in the countries we promote in Asia.

A private vehicle and guide is the norm in Asia – but we take it one step further.

With 25 years of obtaining the finest guides in Asia, we have an enviable array of the top experts with whom we are all friends. They will transform your holiday from every point of view – from the ordinary to the extraordinary as they reveal their fascinating world to you. They offer continuity, they smooth over any wide balls that Asia may throw at you and of course, they will concentrate on any of your interests.

A guide allows you complete flexibility and freedom of your days and has an infinite resource of knowledge to enrich your holiday. They are excellent company and have some wonderful anecdotes too. Whether it is a professor of astronomy, a wildlife guru, an art historian, a writer, an artist or a botanist – just let us know what interests you and we can arrange for them to guide you. In the Himalayas in India, Nepal and Bhutan we have Sherpa guides who assist you whilst on your walking holiday as well as divulging a wealth of knowledge and information on the local flora.

Perhaps you might like to have a private cookery course in Kerala or a tailored, private yoga holiday in Bangalore or the Himalayas? Would you like to meet the chief abbot in Bhutan and learn about Buddhism, or perhaps take part in a lively debate amongst monks who are philosophers? All these things are possible!

In Rajasthan, India we can arrange private horse riding safaris and private camel trekking through the Thar desert. This is a wonderful experience as one explores these beautiful, desert regions, spending the nights in romantic, Bedouin style Royal camps. Have an insight into the villages, watching people making pottery and other handcrafts as well as seeing the local farmers harrow their fields with oxen. Perhaps you might like to have an experience on an elephant and assist in washing it afterwards culminating with a picnic lunch. If style is your thing, then stay in a magnificent fort or palace and we can arrange an evening of dancers, musicians and fireworks, with a splendid banquet – beneath the stars!

In Madhya Pradesh, there are wonderful private cycling holidays, from anything between 3 days and a week – again, exploring the villages and being accepted as part of the local scenery! Madhya Pradesh is very rural and beautiful. We can also arrange private, tented camps set up just for you that you can walk to with your guide or one can stay in forest houses – the only accommodation within the parks – complete with staff and guides. This allows you to see the very best in wildlife.

If culture is your interest, then venture into Nagaland with your guide, walking there and seeing a region which is rich in culture and beauty and completely unspoiled, or perhaps Pokhara in Nepal, with its extraordinary views.

In the jungle, private vehicles are we feel, really important – especially for our clients who are interested in photography, or simply who like their own space – such as we do! This means one can spend as long as possible at any sighting, without having to return to the lodge for set meals and interrupting your sightings. It also means, that should you be interested in birdlife, or spending time with sightings that interest you, that you don’t have to take into consideration all the other travellers in the vehicle!

Finally, it also means private charter flights in Asia which means that you can spend the maximum amount of time at your chosen places and most importantly, you fly directly, as quickly as possible, everywhere.

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