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Where to go in Asia in February

Holidays to Asia in February

February is an excellent time to travel to Asia. Whether you are interested in ancient history and culture or are looking to immerse yourself in nature and wildlife-based experiences, large parts of South and Southeast Asia enjoy optimal weather conditions with gloriously warm and sunny days with very low humidity levels.

Although most travellers would imagine a hot tropical escape, for something a little unusual and utterly fascinating, consider visiting Hokkaido in northern Japan in February when the whole of the Sea of Okhotsk gets covered in drift ice. It is a truly phenomenal sight and also a great time for spotting unique wildlife including spotted and ribbon seals, cliones, Blakiston’s fish owls and White-tailed and Steller’s Sea eagles. In India, the conditions in the lush jungles of North and Central India are ideal for a thrilling tiger safari, and by mid-February, the temperatures in the foothills of the Himalaya begin to rise, making it a very good time for hiking and trekking. Like January, Sri Lanka and the Maldives continue to enjoy glorious weather throughout February.

In Vietnam, by February, the central regions are fully out of the wet season and dry, bright weather can be enjoyed across the country. If you are planning a multiple-country trip, February is amongst the best months to travel in Southeast Asia.

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India: River cruising

February continues to be an excellent time for river cruising in India – from the mighty Ganges and Brahmaputra in the east to Kerala’s serene backwaters in South India.