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Where to go in Asia in July

Holidays to Asia in July

By July, large parts of Asia are already in the grip of monsoon with very high level of heat and humidity. However, the story is completely different in Indonesia and Borneo where the weather is gloriously sunny with minimal rainfall. Sporadic showers are very common in the tropical rainforests of Borneo, but they are very mild compared to the downpours during the wet season. Bali is usually packed with tourists in July and August, but there are plenty of quieter corners where you can escape the crowds, and of course there are many other islands across the archipelago where you can have far more exclusive and authentic experiences whether you are into local culture and cuisine, nature and wildlife, or surfing and scuba diving.

Great weather continues in Ladakh in the Indian Himalaya throughout July and Sri Lanka’s East Coast is also getting plenty of sunshine with occasional short showers. If you can cope with high temperatures and humidity, July is traditionally an inter-monsoon season when all parts of the country can be enjoyed, making it an excellent summer holiday option for families.

For those who love outdoor adventures, summer is the best time to explore the island of Hokkaido in northern Japan. Days are long and sunny, and the nights are refreshingly cool during the months of July and August. Like the tulips in the Netherlands, Hokkaido’s countryside is transformed by myriads of brilliant flowers in full bloom throughout July.