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Brazil Holidays - Big, brash and jaw-droppingly beautiful

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With a vast stretch of coastline running from the Equator and through the tropics, it’s easy to see why Brazil is often thought of for its beaches – but beyond its coast lie many more treasures.

The land of beautiful people, iconic dances and music, a heady mélange of cultural influences and some of the world’s most ecologically diverse natural environments, it’s not hard to understand why the Brazilians are such an exuberant people. And with the excitement that surrounded the 2016 Rio Olympics, there’s never been a better time to go on a Brazil luxury holiday.

Rio de Janeiro is its most stunning city, centred around the iconic Copacabana and Ipanema beaches, and is, of course, host to one of the greatest parties in the world – Carnival. Beach life and football are two of the great passions of the cariocas, and there’s nowhere better to embark on your journey into Brazil’s hidden depths.

Brazil’s colonial past brought African cultural influences to the northern cities and beautiful, Baroque architecture to inland towns founded on the spoils of diamond mining. The indigenous communities of the Amazon basin maintain their traditional ways of life, although they remain under serious threat from agricultural development.

The country boasts some of the world’s most spectacular natural wonders, such as the thundering Iguaçu Falls, as well as vast swathes of wetland, home to large mammals, such as the elusive jaguar, and vivid birdlife, such as hyacinth macaws. Whether exploring dense jungle or spotting pink river dolphins, flying over stunning white dunes dotted with azure blue lakes, or heading to the beach to unwind, you’ll have thousands of miles to choose from whilst on a Brazil luxury holiday!

It can be hard to work out where to start when planning a holiday to this vast, spectacular country. We’ll help you discover your own deserted beach, be it a rustic inn on a remote island among simple fishing communities, or a fabulously decadent private house with its own chef and speedboat for exploring nearby coves.

We can take you into remote parts of the interior for some wildlife experiences you’ll never forget, and show you the incredible range of cultural and nature-based exploration opportunities Brazil has to offer. With access to only the finest guides, we’ll transform your journey, providing the inside track and showing you a different side to this exquisite land.

Our Brazil luxury holidays are tailored exactly to your preferences, so whether you want to learn to dance like a native or hike among forests and waterfalls, we’ll ensure your luxury holiday to Brazil is truly extraordinary.

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Brazil Family Holidays

Brazil has a staggering diversity of wildlife to fascinate older children and teenagers – whether it is spotting giant rodents in the Pantanal wetlands or the unique pink river dolphins in the Amazon River, or observing nesting turtles along the Bahia coast or southern right whales from Santa Catarina.
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Rio de Janeiro

Rio de Janeiro’s coveted location clustered around Copacabana and Ipanema’s sandy bays, dotted with peaks covered in lush rainforest, has earned it the nickname of the Cidade Maravilhosa or the Marvellous City.
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The Amazon

Get away from all of civilisation for an incredible wildlife experience along the mighty Amazon River, exploring vast tracts of dense impenetrable rainforest from the gateway city of Manaus.
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The incredible Pantanal wetlands offers the opportunity to see some unique wildlife, from a likely encounter with a jaguar in season to caiman, capybara and a host of spectacular birds and other mammals.
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Salvador de Bahia

Delve into the African influences of the capital of Bahia state, from the religious trance dances of candomblé to the now world-renowned phenomenon of capoeira, originating from martial arts.
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Iguaçu Falls

Stroll along innumerable walkways on the Argentine and Brazilian sides of these spectacular falls with thrilling vistas above and below the 275 separate cascades that line the horseshoe-shaped riverbanks.
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Carnival or Mardi Gras is celebrated in many countries throughout the world as one last big celebration before the Lenten fast, but nowhere is there a greater dedication to partying for four days than in Brazil.
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North coast

Brazil’s northern beaches run deserted for mile upon mile, dotted with small villages and laid-back towns, backed by rolling dunes and inland rivers and mangroves, perfect to explore by 4x4.
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Emerald Coast

This stunning coast stretches from Rio southwards and forms an unspoilt stretch of Atlantic coastline, with inlets, deserted bays, tiny islands and small colonial towns, amid lush tropical forest.
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Minas Gerais

Explore colonial heritage towns filled with beautifully preserved buildings in baroque style and charming small towns dotted amongst fertile valleys and mountains in a pleasant subtropical climate.
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