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Luxury Kenya Safari

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A luxury Kenya safari is something that many people dream of! The world is divided by those who love wildlife and really want to get up close and personal. This means to sleep in a tented camp, listening to the amazing night calls of the whooping hyaena or a lion calling to its mate in the distance, or defending its territory. With the wind blowing gently through the gauze windows, one sleeps so soundly!

For other people, this may be seen as a complete nightmare. They may not feel very comfortable sleeping at night, knowing that wildlife is walking around their tent. For them, they may love wildlife, but feel safer viewing it from a distance. They feel comforted by the fact that their lodge or tent is on a wooden deck, several feet from the ground!

I have covered this in a period article when I say that luxury means different things to different people. To some, it means space and not seeing another soul (or tourist!). To have thousands of hectares to simply spend time walking in and absorbing, to traverse through by open vehicle or on horseback.  Others feel it is flying everywhere by private aircraft, not having to wait for anyone or join any queues! Some feel it is having unlimited hot water whilst others, it is to have the champagne or wine of one’s choice at hand, together with superb food. A private guide who accompanies your safari and is at one’s beck and call  is, for some,  a necessity – and undoubtedly, this increases the enjoyment of one’s overall safari.

There are still other people who simply insist upon opulence and decadence. A masseuse must be on hand, rooms or villas with the finest linen, lodges which have that inimitable designer touch.

Whatever your idea of luxury is, Kenya can certainly deliver it!