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What is a flying safari?

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When time is limited and you want to pack in as much as Africa can offer you, or you simply want to explore way off the beaten track, then nothing comes close to the ultimate way of being on safari - a flying safari which achieves all of these objectives!

Flying safaris come in various guises. A flying safari is a private safari, with your own private guide who is normally your experienced pilot (or you can opt for a pilot in addition to your expert guide), depending upon the size of the aircraft that you want to charter. The joy of a flying safari is no queues, no delays, no having to overnight because of lack of connecting flights and a seamless, smooth, time effective way of travelling from place to place. It also allows you to fly low when you wish, or around vistas such as the Victoria Falls. It is the perfect way of being on safari. Your pilot cum guide then accompanies you from place to place, camp to camp, effortlessly transporting you from one region to the next, whilst revealing the splendours of each area, providing you with continuity, freedom and exclusivity.

In Namibia, the best flying safari of all is one that travels along the Skeleton Coast. This is a family owned business and the safari can start in the Namib desert, flying you from Luderitz, across the desert, to the staggeringly beautiful and often barren landscapes that make up the Skeleton coast, ending up in the magnificent Kunene region on the border of Angola. Here your guide is your pilot (and the brothers, Andre and Bertus happen to be some of the best pilots imaginable). Anybody who has ever undertaken a skeleton coast safari has deemed it the best safari in Namibia. This can be private, or you might share it with another couple of perhaps another party of four and these flying safaris are from three to five nights. If you do nothing else in Namibia, at least undertake a skeleton coast safari.

A flying safari in Kenya might see you taking a helicopter to Lake Turkana - otherwise known as the jade sea. This is a truly breathtaking area, where one can stop and see the local tribes bringing in their camels to drink at the waterhole. One of most beautiful places is Lake Rutundu, where there is a gorgeous, simple log cabin where Prince William, the future King of England proposed to Catherine Middleton which is only accessible by helicopter and is on one of the best lakes for fly fishing. Otherwise, chartering an aircraft from place to place whilst on safari simply reduces overall travelling time and eases the journey hugely, making travel so much more enjoyable as you see wildlife traversing beneath you.

For many of our American clients, who don't have a lot of time to spare and travelling on a safari to Africa is already a long journey - a flying safari taking in Zimbabwe, Kenya and Tanzania or Botswana, Zimbabwe and Tanzania allows one to cherry pick the very best parts of Africa!

With twenty-five years of arranging the very best flying safaris to Africa, and with a team of specialists who all come from Africa, we are uniquely placed with access to the finest guides and aircraft across Africa! Call us to create your flying safari of a lifetime!