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India Tiger Safaris

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Tiger safaris are a wonderful way of exploring some of the finest wilderness in the Indian subcontinent. Tigers continue to suffer from a host of pressures but we believe that tiger tourism – if done sensitively and imaginatively in a well-regulated environment – is in fact a powerful tool for conservation.

At Asian Explorations our tiger safaris use responsible lodges that have scored high on the Travel Operators for Tigers (TOFT) eco audit. We promote parks where the management both promotes and regulates tourism is a manner that is conducive to serving conservation goals which includes local community development; and we focus on places that are not just obsessed with tigers but with providing the most enjoyable and interesting wilderness experience in tiger country.

High quality guiding is a key element for our tiger safaris. None of this is at the expense of all the essential ingredients of a good holiday – comfort, great food and personalised service, character and a fun and hospitable atmosphere