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Where are the remotest holidays in the world?

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Recognising that a crucial travel ingredient for many of its clients is to avoid the frequently trodden path, The Explorations Company have collated a highly personal “private collection” of very special safaris, holidays and ideas that you will absolutely love!

The collection’s central theme is to feature far flung, original and unusual locations which are increasingly hard to find across Africa, Asia, Latin America and Antarctica.

These are places where, often, you may be the only foreign face/s in a village or entire region; thus one experiences authenticity at its utmost, something that The Explorations Company are constantly seeking for their discerning clients.

These places are not only remote but, frankly, often fabulous on many levels for those who want authentic, different, low impact experiences: journeys of serious value. These ideas ought to at least stir some latent desires for something really different!

For Africa, just the sound of the word conjures up images of wild remote places teeming with wildlife and undiscovered wonders. Huge open plains, lush jungles, white sand beaches, coral reefs, mountain ranges and space to roam! Unbelievable fauna, flora, geology, marine life, birding, culture and scenery; away from the normal “safari” routings a rich array of options still await the gentle, inquisitive, traveller looking for a real African adventure.

The ‘diversity’ of India and the surrounding regions is what we look to capture with this choice of remote journeys and places which include an astonishing variety of landscapes, cultures and unusual experiences. From the Himalayas, the roof of the world, via ancient ruined cities in central India to the ocean-lapped Andaman Islands there are some mind-boggling locations. These are veritable feasts for the senses that reflect the vastly varied ethnicity and geography of this region’s richly experiential melting pot.

From the Amazon Rainforest to the towering peaks of Torres del Paine in southern Chile, South America is full of surprises and opportunities to explore. The diversity of travel experiences is simply breath-taking, each country having its own unique charms and attractions. Ancient civilisations, deserts, bizarre flora and fauna, unique islands, hidden cultures and incredible landscapes - some very remote - all combine across South America and can provide some truly unusual travel experiences and adventures.

Antarctica is pretty much as remote as it gets; the vast frozen expanses have exerted an irresistible and arguably, perhaps inexplicable allure on travellers for centuries. Nowadays, whilst one doesn’t need to be quite as intrepid as the early explorers, Antarctica is still a place where one can truly leave the thin veneer of our modern world behind and just possibly, be the first footfall on parts of the pristine (and, in some places, disappearing) ice. We are delighted to share with you some new and extraordinary ‘Journeys of a Lifetime’ on Antarctica, the Great White Continent.