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Why have The Explorations Company partnered with Sentinel Aviation?

Jonathan Drew By Jonathan Drew
09 Feb 2021
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I always recommend that you travel privately whenever possible to truly elevate your holiday or safari. The Explorations Company’s new partnership with Sentinel Aviation seamlessly melds concierge travel and private aviation.

The Explorations Company are absolutely delighted to join forces with Sentinel Aviation to provide discerning travellers worldwide with highly discreet, exhaustively detailed and totally professional aviation services designed to seamlessly link your home to your private holiday or safari and, of course, reversing the process at the end of the trip.


Sentinel Aviation, Concierge Aviation At Its Best

The key to this pinnacle-level service is threefold:

  1.  Superb bespoke destination planning (The Explorations Company);
  2.  A totally “concierge” return transition between your place of residence and the country of destination (Sentinel), whilst:
  3.  Enormous value and detail are added both en route and in destination (both companies).

The result? The ultimate in seamless, private, experiential travel.

There are, of course, air charter services available worldwide but very few, if any, cater in such minute detail to your own personal proclivities or, indeed, provide such flexibility or choice. It is these two intertwined core ethics that link The Explorations Company, whose expertise is naturally well known to readers, and Sentinel. Both businesses are utterly focused on the ultimate service experience matched by superb expertise in the air and on the ground.


Who are Sentinel Aviation?

Sentinel is the brainchild of Managing Director Roland (Roly) Dangerfield. During a distinguished career in the British Army, Roly learned to fly; a pursuit which quickly became a passion. As his breadth of experience on different types and routes rapidly grew, Roly decided that aviation was his vocational calling and completed a full set of commercial ratings.

The army was, therefore, followed by 12 years of demanding but fulfilling private commercial flying, initially on Challenger medium-range private jets before gravitating to more intercontinentally-capable, long-haul types such as the Bombardier Global Express.


Whilst flying, Roly was responsible for safely and discreetly ferrying royalty, politicians, diplomats, celebrities and ultra-high-net-worth businesspeople between something like 200 different destinations. Roly gained immersive exposure to private aviation requirements and, at the same time, became aware of the actual, yawning, service gap between what is “normal” private charter aviation and the far more singular product he now calls “full concierge private aviation”.

This realisation, revolving around an excellent detail and logistical background initiated in the forces and underscored by his years as a private-sector pilot, allowed Roly to turn his aviation expertise into a long-term business career through the establishment of Sentinel. Roly has a long-standing colleague as partner in the business who is also a commercial pilot, so the business is owned and operated by very experienced aviation professionals.


Once initial proof-of-concept had been completed, Roly started looking for a suitable partner to help fulfil his overarching dream of a holistic one-stop-shop that could effectively cocoon travellers for their entire travel requirements, both en route and to plan and execute the in-country travel planning at the chosen destination. Thus the liaison between Sentinel and The Explorations Company was born. 

Sentinel can offer private aviation almost anywhere globally. Each charter is meticulously planned from inception right through to the post-landing debrief – and onwards. As with The Explorations Company, most flights are operated for Sentinel’s existing clients, with suitable new business coming from referral sources.


Whether a particular jet or turboprop, a particular limousine to and from one’s local airport or indeed excellence and flexibility for in-flight catering, Sentinel offer a superlative range of choice.

This attention to detail - outside aviation “norms” - is perhaps best illustrated by Sentinel’s employment of a specialist private flight steward to co-ordinate guests’ specific catering and dietary requests between Michelin (or other) sources and the aircraft operator, backed up by an award-winning sommelier to advise on wine pairings; but that’s just the tip of the “detail iceberg”!


The Explorations Company offers, of course, the same total flexibility in terms of destination and service: Whether Africa, India, Asia, South America, or the Polar Regions the only limiting factor is your imagination and desire to fulfil a goal, be it a family holiday or a specific task or project. As with Sentinel, all travel is completely tailor-made and so no two itineraries - or the planning thereof - are ever the same.

The overall combined aviation/destination service concept also includes three very important synergies shared between TEC and Sentinel:

  • Added Safety: Whilst both TEC and Sentinel put safety at the top of their priority list, should clients wish additional safety measures in-country then direct access is available to a highly professional travel safety consultant and, should it be so desired, personnel are available to accompany any trip.


  • Health: Clients often want to travel to wilderness or other remote locations but the desire to experience such places can be hampered, for the client, by the perceived (or real) distance from top-quality medical facilities just in case they should be required to deal with a personal medical emergency. A highly-expert, private, dedicated accompanying medical person or small team can be provided for those who wish to have the comfort of such cover. All trips anyway have the ability (on request) to offer 24/7 Telemedicine support using UK based medical consultants. 
  • Philanthropy: Both The Explorations Company and Sentinel are dedicated to “putting back”. This takes the form of a commitment to TEC’s ground-breaking philanthropic travel ethic, encapsulated in their new Philanthropic Handbook which is available on request. All TEC itineraries, by default, do anyway include at least one aspect of their “giving back” programme.


My top recommendations for luxury holidays and safaris by private jet:

In a post-COVID world (and indeed right now as we navigate the global situation), private travel is in high demand, being flexible, safe and certain. Your holiday or safari will of course be uniquely created to your own specifications but, to perhaps seed some possibilities, I have included some of my favourite ideas for exclusive luxury safaris and holidays travelling by private executive jet:

  • A 21-day all-inclusive safari across Africa taking in the most iconic wildlife experiences possible. You will start your safari by visiting Kenya’s Masai Mara (with, seasonally assuming, an opportunity to see the migrating ungulates known as the Great Migration) before travelling on to southern Tanzania to spend time in Ruaha National Park. You will go gorilla trekking and chimpanzee trekking in Rwanda, traverse the waterways of the Okavango Delta in Botswana and visit the mighty Victoria Falls, before ending your safari in a private Game Reserve in South Africa. A perfect, encapsulated, taste of some of the finest experiences Africa has on offer.


  • Mystical Vietnam and Cambodia: this is a really interesting and eclectic possibility, travelling to Vietnam and Cambodia for around 11 days and visiting, amongst other gems, Hanoi, Halong Bay, Hoi An, Saigon and the ancient temples of Angkor.
  • A discovery of India’s hidden treasures: I have recently reinvigorated my own latent love of India! You will immerse yourself in the architecture of Delhi, the ancient temples of Khajuraho and historic hill-forts of rural Madhya Pradesh whilst staying in a luxury private tented camp with an expert guide (and, I admit, great friend). I suggest this wonderful overview climaxes with a few days seeking tigers and wildlife in Panna whilst, at the same time, taking the opportunity to learn about tiger conservation from renowned conservation biologist Dr. Raghu Chundawat.

Do feel free to get in touch for more information, whether on concierge air charter, travel planning or a combination of the two pinnacle services. Or, if you would just like to dream for now, you can do so at our Video Library.


Images provided by kind courtesy of Sentinel Aviation and Pilatus Aircraft Ltd.