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Private Galapagos Yacht Holidays

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Imagine cruising from one volcanic island to another in the magical Galapagos Islands, an absolute haven for wildlife lovers, on your own private yacht charter with your dedicated naturalist guide who will share their knowledge with you of the fascinating and unique species you will encounter, from fur seals, to frigate birds, flightless cormorants, waved albatross, land and marine iguanas and even penguins at this Equatorial latitude!

And then imagine spending days onboard your own private Galapagos yacht or catamaran with the different generations of your family on an adventure of a lifetime or with a special group of friends. You may even want a luxurious small yacht for just the two of you; perhaps for the ultimate venue in which to propose to your loved one or to celebrate your wedding on honeymoon.

Enjoy candelit dinners under the stars alfresco on deck during the evening with only the sound of the ocean surrounding you and snorkel among playful sealions, sea turtles, rays and even white-tipped reef sharks during the day! Be pampered by your own dedicated crew with delicious fresh meals and you can even meet some of the local Galapagueno fishermen who are permitted to fish in these waters and help to catch your own lunch, which your chef will prepare for you as you wish.

We are the experts at arranging private Galapagos yacht holidays, having inspected these beautiful comfortable small yachts and catamarans ourselves. We know which ones to choose depending on how many people in your party and whether you want greater stability or perhaps an itinerary that allows for one or two of your family to have a chance to go diving if they wish.

We will advise on the cabins, facilities, food, staff and guides and landing sites on itineraries around the islands to make sure your private journey is completely perfect, down to what you all like to drink in the evening before dinner. We can arrange an additional guide who is particularly good with children to take your little darlings off on fun and exciting adventures of their own on the islands.

We can even arrange for you to be accompanied by a renowned wildlife photographer so that you and your friends may take your very own photographic safari to the Galapagos Islands with an expert. However you wish to visit the Galapagos, whatever species particularly interests you and for however long you wish to travel, we can make your visit to the Galapagos Islands the perfect adventure.

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