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Antarctica – the Ultimate Wildlife Journey

Louise Mumford
By Louise Mumford
28 Mar 2017
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Antarctica – the last great and remote wilderness. Whilst many destinations claim to offer the journey of a lifetime, we think this is the ultimate in that category. What could compare to arriving on an uninhabited continent to find colonies of penguins, seals reclining lazily on ice floes and whales plying its icy waters. Truly magnificent!

Anyone who has a passion for wildlife is bound to have Antarctica on their wish-list and quite right too! If you had thought of heading yourself to the White Continent but don’t know how to get there or what it is really like, then give us a call and we’ll gladly talk to you about one of the world’s ultimate havens for very unique wildlife in a pristine environment.

Help us to ensure that it stays way as we would only recommend journeys that adhere to the Antarctic Treaty, supported by membership to IAATO (the International Association of Antarctic Tour Operators). Preserving not only the wonderful environment of Antarctica, the charter ensures that cruise ships to this region also carefully minimise the human impact of visitors here.

We have been privileged enough to go there ourselves and walk among colonies of Gentoo penguins and elephant seals, discover more about it’s fascinating history of whalers and the great early explorers and sail amongst towering icebergs the size of skyscrapers. So we would love to share our experiences with you and help you plan your own spectacular journey to Antarctica, accompanied by the very best expedition leaders and experts.

South America is the closest landfall to the Antarctic Peninsula and the small cruise ships or private sailboats that we recommend make the journey by sea across the Drakes Passage in two days – an extraordinary voyage where you may spot whales or a lone albatross that follows in the ship’s wake.

And for those with a passion also for history as well as wildlife, then you shouldn’t miss out the additional time to visit the Falkland Islands and South Georgia for highlights such as a vast colony of King Penguins. A fantastic alternative to visit Antarctica for those who have a little less time for their travels or who would not look forward to the longer sea crossing could instead opt to fly to King George Island instead and join a small cruise ship there – still enjoying around six days exploring the inlets and islands of the peninsula by zodiac and on foot. 


We are now starting to receive the details of the next season’s voyages for 2015-16. The narrow window of the austral summer from November to February each year is the only possible time to visit and many people wish to make their plans for such a special holiday well in advance. Voyages that offer amazing additional active adventures such as overnight camping on the ice, kayaking or specialist photographic safaris tend to be the most popular.

If your thoughts are turning to a holiday to Antarctica, then now is a great time to start planning as many of our favourite ships are offering great value for early bookings. To design your own ultimate Antarctic adventure, contact us to talk to our polar experts, who’d be delighted to give their own insights.