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Travel Podcasts

African Wild Dogs are on the endangered list - how can we all help to sustain the species?

Nick Dyer, award-winning wildlife photographer, conservationist and African safari guide discusses his passion of African painted wolves and what led him to his calling, raising awareness of their plight and helping to protect them in the wild.

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What are Philanthropic Safaris and Vacations and how do they drive sustainability?

Nicola Shepherd explains how The Explorations Company’s unique brand of philanthropic travel drives sustainability, as well as making for the most memorable, life-changing vacations!

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Where are the best high-end travel experiences in Africa and Asia?

Founder Nicola Shepherd explains the underlying values and ethos at the foundation of The Explorations Company and why luxury experiential and philanthropic travel is the most rewarding way to explore the world.

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Family Friendly Safaris and Vacations to Africa

Explore private reserves full of wildlife. Share unforgettable adventures in company of expert guides. We’ve been arranging the finest, personalised family safaris for over 30 years. Is now the moment for your family to take a holiday of a lifetime?

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