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A once-in-a-lifetime adventure in unparalleled luxury aboard the Aqua Blu

Experience an exclusive charter voyage exploring the pristine coastal waters of Eastern Indonesia on Aqua Blu. Navigating some of the most remote locations in the region, you will sail away from crowded areas, with little-to-no outside human interaction making this the perfect way to reunite with family and friends on a safe luxury holiday.

Expect highly customised, action-packed expert-led excursions focusing on nature and wildlife, local culture, world-class cuisine created by Australian master chef Benjamin Cross, surrounded by the luxuries and attention to detail of the finest hotel. Sail on Aqua Blu and experience the ultimate luxurious superyacht experience voyaging into the Sunda Straits, the heart of the Coral Triangle, and the fabled spice trade route.

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You can choose from the acclaimed Raja Ampat, Ambon and Spice Islands, and Komodo National Park expeditions, or opt for three, four, five or seven-night charter voyages. Whatever you decide, we can tailor the best personalised experience for you, your friends, and your family.

Straddling three time zones and two mighty oceans, Indonesia is the largest archipelagic country in the world. With open sea making up three-quarters of the country’s area and 18,000 tropical islands stretching over 3,100 miles (5,000 km) longitudinally from East to West and 1,050 miles (1,700 km) latitudinally from North to South, Indonesia is a prime location for cruise adventures.

With its immense size, Indonesia also boasts an astounding cultural diversity, with 1,300 ethnic groups and 652 documented languages, of which 11 have disappeared and 19 on the verge of becoming extinct. Year-round, a vast number of festivals are celebrated across the country, from ancient war rituals to folkloric traditions unique to each region or community.

Beyond the Southeast Asian country’s characteristic volcanic landscapes and colourful wildlife, a cultural treasure trove of age-old traditions and well-preserved colonial-era relics await your discovery. Cruise Indonesia on this luxurious vessel that enables you to enjoy the most rewarding coastal cruise itineraries in the world.

Which are the best islands of Indonesia?

An archipelagic state is recognized by the UN as a unified, national territory that includes both land and water areas. As an archipelagic nation, the waters that surround and connect all the islands of the nation are designated as the internal waterways of the particular country. This recognition gives countries the right to have autonomous control over its waters.

Beyond the island resort paradise of Bali, there are many gems in Indonesia that are far more pristine and, arguably, superior in natural beauty. Sailing eastwards from Bali is akin to leaving civilisations last frontier, with nature taking over starting with the Komodo Islands and Moyo Island.

Here, as you enter the heart of the Earth’s Coral Triangle, creatures of the sea, such as manta rays and whale sharks begin to thrive in ever greater numbers as they greet divers and snorkelers. Komodo National Park, in particular, boasts arguably the most spectacular volcanic-sculpted coastal scenery in the world, along the terrific beaches, diving and snorkelling.

Continue your Indonesian cruise Eastwards past the islands of Komodo National Park and you’ll sail the length of Flores, an island home to the striking multi-coloured volcanic lakes of Kelimutu, which the Aqua Blu explores twice yearly on its limited cross-destination itineraries. Flores is the gateway to the aptly-named Forgotten Islands, a chain of remote islands where hammerhead sharks are more frequently sighted than humans and home to amazingly soulful and welcoming Abui tribe.

As you reach the last of the Forgotten Islands, the land and sea take on a mysteriously geometrical curvature northwards, as if tracing an archer’s bow. Called the Banda arc, this curvature is the result of the collision between a Ring of Fire volcanic arc and the Australian continental margin. This is the explorer’s natural waypoint to the legendary Banda Islands, also called the Spice Islands.

Appearing to be completely suspended in time, stepping onto the Banda Islands is a feeling unlike any other. This was the epicentre of the global spice trade in the 16th and 17th century, and relics of yesteryear, such as the imposing Dutch fortification Fort Belgica, still guard the island along with an active volcano.

Covered in mostly intact rainforest, the explorer begins to witness an immense proliferation of wildlife both on land and underwater. Little surprise because, above land, is where species from Asia and Australasia have intermingled for millennia, creating truly unique species that was the subject of fascination for the famed naturalist Alfred Russel Wallace.

Finally, as you approach the north-western corner of Indonesia, the visual splendour of Raja Ampat islands comes into full view. Sitting at the edge of the Pacific Ocean, this region boasts the world’s largest collection of marine life, as well as unique species of birds of paradise.

When is the best time to travel?

The best time to travel to Indonesia is between April and October.

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