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What are the benefits of a luxury private mobile tailor-made safari in Kenya?

View of bedroom in private tented camp set up to see Great Migration

Many people ask me what are the benefits of a private mobile safari in Kenya. For me, it is the ultimate way of going on safari! Complete flexibility, freedom and exclusivity! Who could want more from life?

A private mobile tented safari is the way that the early pioneers and explorers used to travel. Especially in East Africa and in Kenya in particular in the early 1930’s and 1940’s, when adventurous, pioneering travellers would go on hunting safaris in their vehicles, together with their tents and an army of around fifty staff to accompany the expedition.

Everything was done with style and flair – the tents were large and roomy, they had copper or metal baths filled with hot water for their return and of course, the necessary tipple as the sun set – whether that was an ice cold beer, gin and tonic, whisky or wine.

The kitchen mess tent was a hive of activity and the meals were served with full silver service and great aplomb! Not much has changed, except that these days travellers shoot with their cameras instead and the armies of people are reduced and more efficient!

Our private luxury mobiles can be erected in Amboseli at the foothills of Mount Kilimanjaro and Tsavo East, Samburu, Meru and the Masai Mara.

But it is still the ‘proper’ way of going on safari whether it is just two of you or more. Of course, if there are four or more of you in your party, it is more fun and you have your private guide who enriches your knowledge, sharing his world with you and evenings of great company and bonhomie end the perfect day.

The beds have comfortable mattresses and good quality linen, there are wardrobes and writing desks, a library stocked with interesting books and a veranda where you can sit and watch wildlife pass by.

You have your own private 4 x 4 vehicle and the days are as flexible as you would like them to be. The joy is that your guide gets to understand exactly how you think, what you are interested in seeing and often, they will be a professional photographer, who can enhance your skills even more.

Your camp will be erected in the best game viewing area with a wonderful view. The most fabulous meals are produced, whether you have a picnic breakfast or lunch, or you return to your three course meal in the evening, accompanied by fine wine.

Sundowners are usually taken at an idyllic spot overlooking a herd of elephant or a pod of hippo in the river or dam. Walks can be taken during the day and one learns so much more on foot too, such as the medicinal properties of trees and plants.

Return to your camp in the evening for a hot shower or bath, before coming to sit around the fire beneath the stars and plan the following day together. Chat about the day’s excitements and discuss the highlights for everyone.

Learn about a different culture. Perhaps visit a local school or clinic or even a market where the ladies wear their colourful dresses. Engage with Africa and feel her raw beauty pulsing through your veins as you listen to the distant roar of a lion or the excited whoop of a hyena.

Learn about the night sky of the southern hemisphere and revel in a world away from digital distractions….this is your perfect private camp in Kenya.

Private luxury mobile safari camp – the best way to see the Great Wildebeest Migration