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Ecuador rainforest - Mindo - Mashpi Lodge - Panoramic Lodge View hdr.jpg

Mashpi Lodge Ecuador - Paradise in the Clouds of the Rainforest

I love diminutive (by Latin America standards) Ecuador, in fact, at the risk of being accused of favouritism, I have rather a soft spot for it. Perhaps because it is often overlooked by visitors in favour of its larger neighbour Peru or even by its scene-stealing islands, the Galapagos Islands. This is a shame because it has some amazing treasures of its own.
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Peru - sustainable - Cusco - Local girl MLP.jpg

Is 'Sustainable Tourism' possible in Peru's Andes? - The answer is here.

Peru has to be one of the most well-known hotspots for some of the most extraordinary and challenging hiking in the world. Think high mountain passes, verdant sub-tropical forests, ancient Royal Incan pathways and archaeological sites and of course, remote rural and traditional villages.
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Argentina - Ibera wetlands - capybara - Darío Podestá RINCON DEL SOCCORO.jpg

How is 'Sustainable Tourism' helping to protect the unique wildlife of Argentina's Ibera Wetlands?

The 'Ibera Wetlands' are located in the north-eastern region of Argentina, nestled up on the border with Brazil and Paraguay, immediately below the well-known Iguazu Falls. One Trust is working very hard to conserve the wetlands here and is using sustainable travel and tourism to help protect this vital ecosystem.
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Sacred Valley - family brunch at Misminay - source Condor Travel.jpg

Why Peruvian Cuisine is ''The Next Big Revolution".

One of the great pleasures of travelling is a chance to try local dishes that are completely different to those one would try at home and use unique local ingredients. Peru is definitely at the top of our list when it comes to fabulous gourmet experiences, often found in the most unlikely places.
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Mexico City - Local Market - source JM.jpg

Why do Mexicans get so heated about their food?

Mexico has to be one of my favourite destinations in Latin America. Not just for its coast, although of course it boasts some sublime scenery, but mostly for its passionate embrace of all things that offer enjoyment of life: art, music, celebrated culture, history & tradition, colour, wildlife and, of course, food.
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South America - Galapagos - blue footed booby pixabay med2.jpg

How to see the Blue-Footed Booby on your wildlife holiday

Whenever a person plans a wildlife-oriented holiday, there may well be certain creatures that they are desperate to see. When it comes to Central and South America, the blue-footed booby might well be one of the “must-see” species.
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Top Travel Tips for South America Bird's Eye View.jpg

Argentina’s Top 5 jaw-dropping natural wonders

From the arid northwest of Argentina down to the tip of Tierra del Fuego, the country encompasses a huge area that equates to nearly half the length of South America. This means there is immense diversity when it comes to landscape and there is no shortage of places to visit and things to see.
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South AMerica - Andes Lodges - Trekker and Mariposa Glacier.jpg

Explore the highest reaches of the Andes on an epic journey through South America

Explore the highest reaches of the Andes on an extraordinary, off-the-beaten-track journey from Peru through Bolivia and into Chile.
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Osa Peninsula - Forest Walk - souce Cativo.jpg

Costa Rica – Life at the Extreme with Davina McCall

This week I am looking forward to watching the last episode of ITV’s Life at the Extreme with Davina McCall. This programme sees her in one of my absolute favourite wildlife destinations in Latin America, which is perfect for a luxury wildlife holiday.
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Guacho Horse riding - Patagonia - Chile.jpg

What to expect from a holiday in Patagonia

Patagonia is an incredible destination, the home of towering peaks, blue-white glaciers, tranquil lakes, soaring condors and the romantic and solitary figure of the gaucho. Visitors to this part of South America cannot fail to fall in love with its rugged landscapes and charming inhabitants, be they human or animal.
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Osa Peninsula - Toucan - source Remanso.jpg

Bird watching in Costa Rica: An alternative luxury safari holiday

What does the word safari mean to you? Africa? The "Big Five"? Grassy plains and dramatic sunsets? While these are common associations with the notion of going "on safari", the chances are that Costa Rica in Central America didn't spring to mind.
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Mendoza - 2CV Self Drive with Slowcar.jpg

Exploring Mendoza’s Vineyards by 2CV

Argentina, along with its neighbour Chile, has long been known for its wonderful beef. What better way to accompany some of the best steak in the world than with a beautiful deep rich red wine.
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Santiago - Heliskiing 4.jpg

Heli-skiing in the Andes of Argentina & Chile

For those of us that love the slopes, the fresh mountain air and that early morning downhill run through untouched powder, skiing (and snowboarding of course) is a passion and an addiction that is hard to ignore.
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Cienfuegos - Square & Vintage Car.jpg

Great Cuba tour by Vintage Car

Cuba has to be one of the most enticing and unique, not to mention one of the largest, of the Islands in the Caribbean Sea. Its Spanish speaking population and ubiquitous rhythms of mambo, rumba and salsa give it a thoroughly Latin feel but it’s the fascinating mix of cultural influences, history, politics, architecture and music that have created a truly beguiling destination.
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Blog - Lat Am - Arg - Home Stays 1 - Cordoba - Estancia Los Potreros - sitting room2.jpg

Where are the best Homestays in Latin America?

While Cuba’s Home stays are hard to beat in our book for an under-the-skin experience, offering a privileged window into everyday life, there are other places in Latin America where Home stays are also possible.
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Trekking in South America.jpg

Trekking in South America

South America’s most famous trek is the Inca Trail to Machu Picchu, now heavily regulated with limited numbers of permits due to its enduring popularity – and it is a stunningly beautiful as well as challenging four day trek, albeit one that attracts many people along its route with numbers now being strictly limited each day.
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The Lost Kingdoms of South America.jpeg

The Lost Kingdoms of South America

This fascinating series of documentaries was first shown in January 2013 on BBC4 and is presented by the engaging Dr Jago Cooper who looks into some of South America’s forgotten civilisations and the legacy of once mighty empires that extended over huge areas at the height of their success.
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The best Cattle round-ups in South America.jpg

The best Cattle round-ups in South America

At rugged ranches throughout South America, the gauchos ride hard rounding up cattle and maintaining the herd across wide-ranging plains around the foothills of the Andes and across the Patagonian steppe. If you are an experienced rider, pit your skills against these traditional cowboys, all of who ride as if they were born in the saddle.
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Where are the great places to hang out in South America.jpg

Where are the great places to hang out in South America?

Cities are always evolving. The district that was a no-go area a few years ago may be the hip place to be seen this year. Discovering the latest places to go usually means that there is a great energy about staying there and there are fun places to go and mingle with locals as everyone is heading to that quarter and its new vibe. Knowing where the great places to hang out in are all well and good but is there anywhere decent to stay?
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Galápagos in 3D.jpg

Galápagos in 3D

It would be hard to imagine that anyone would not find a wildlife series fascinating when it was presented by the national treasure that is David Attenborough. Even the mention of his name associated with a new wildlife series seems to attract even the least likely of fans to watch the antics of wild animals and other natural phenomena.
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Spying on the Penguins.jpg

Spying on the Penguins

Penguins are one of nature’s most endearing birds with their comical waddle and curious nature. We simply can’t help but anthropomorphise these delightful creatures when we see their cheeky antics. But BBC1’s recent series ‘Penguins: Spy in the Huddle’ has been revealing that in fact they really are surprisingly like us in many ways.
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World Cup ‘Futebol’!.jpg

World Cup ‘Futebol’!

The FIFA World Cup is coming to Brazil in 2014, which will be met with unbridled enthusiasm amongst many fans, bringing the biggest tournament of the ‘beautiful game’ to a country that is perhaps one of the most passionate in the world about the sport.
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Stylish Camping.jpg

Stylish Camping

The thought of sleeping under canvas, cosying up by a campfire under starry skies and gazing over a deserted landscape out at an uninterrupted horizon at sunrise is a romantic ideal for many of us.
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Tracking Birds & Mammals in Argentina’s North-East.jpg

Tracking Birds & Mammals in Argentina’s North-East

Arriving in the vast wetlands of NorthEast Argentina’s Corrientes province was a thrilling start to a stay in this little known region, skimming over the marshes by small plane as a bemused Brocket deer looked up askance at the interruption to its tranquil day.
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Brazil - Pantanal - Jaguar bkgrnd.jpg

BBC 2 Series, 'Wild Brazil'

All eyes are on Brazil. In World Cup year, you’d expect as much, and with the Olympics to follow in 2016, the country will be centre stage for a long time after the final whistle blows on July’s carnival of football.
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Brazil - Pantanal - wetlands bkgrnd.jpg

Wild Brazil – The Pantanal on Horseback in the planning!

I’m just in the throws of planning an amazing trip to the Pantanal in Brazil and have been researching the different lodges and comparing and contrasting the experiences on offer in the North and the South of the region.
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PeruThe perfect destination for Family Holidays.jpg

Peru: The perfect destination for Family Holidays

Where better to start your exploration of the vibrant South American continent with your family than the beautiful and diverse country of Peru. With a fantastic infrastructure, a huge range of delightful accommodation to stay in and an incredible contrast of destinations and activities as well as relatively easy access, Peru makes for a wonderful first time destination for travellers to South America.
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Private Galapagos Yacht Holidays.jpg

Private Galapagos Yacht Holidays

Imagine cruising from one volcanic island to another in the magical Galapagos Islands, an absolute haven for wildlife lovers, on your own private yacht charter with your dedicated naturalist guide who will share their knowledge with you of the fascinating and unique species you will encounter, from fur seals, to frigate birds, flightless cormorants, waved albatross, land and marine iguanas and even penguins at this Equatorial latitude!
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The Mysteries of Easter Island.jpg

The Mysteries of Easter Island

I recently watched a repeat of last years' fascinating BBC4 documentary about the remote and tiny Pacific island of Easter Island which reminded me of the extraordinary diversity of territories and spectacular landscapes that encompass Chilean territories, from the driest desert in the world in Atacama in the north to vast sparkling blue ice fields of Patagonia and to this remote Polynesian island located far out in the middle of the Pacific Ocean, famous for its distinctive and massive rock sculptures.
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Rustic Luxury in Costa Rica.jpg

Rustic Luxury in Costa Rica

Costa Rica is one of Central America’s Gems – not only is it a haven for wildlife lovers, it covers a relatively small area, its people are friendly and engaging and it has a selection of truly wonderful properties in stunning locations, as I rediscovered on my recent visit there. This is truly the perfect destination for a Costa Rica luxury holiday to experience magnificent encounters with tropical birds, monkeys, turtles nesting on protected beaches and marine life such as humpback whales and dolphins.
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