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Shackleton Centenary Voyages – The Epic Journey of a Lifetime

This coming Antarctic season (2016-2017) offers you the chance to immerse yourself not only in the incomparable beauty of Antarctica’s wildlife and spectacular landscapes but in the remarkable story of one of the most gruelling journeys and ultimately daring rescues in polar history.
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Choosing the best Antarctica cruise

Travelling to the far south to the mesmerizing ‘White Continent’ is a big decision. It is perhaps the ultimate destination for adventurous travellers; a destination that truly deserves to warrant the phrase ‘the holiday of a lifetime’.
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Antarctica – the Ultimate Wildlife Journey

Antarctica – the last great and remote wilderness. Whilst many destinations claim to offer the journey of a lifetime, we think this is the ultimate in that category. What could compare to arriving on an uninhabited continent to find colonies of penguins, seals reclining lazily on ice floes and whales plying its icy waters. Truly magnificent!
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