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How to choose the best safari accommodation for families

There are many different elements that make up the perfect family safari, but one of the foremost in terms of children’s interest overall is likely to be where one stays. Not only will carefully choosing the right location and style of property or camp ensu...

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Why you should visit Nepal on your next holiday

Nepal is a treasure. Diverse, breathtakingly beautiful, utterly friendly, spiritually profound and an excellent destination for fabulous activities including, of course, stunning trekking potential, Nepal has it all.

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Mozambique - Benguerra beach.jpg

A luxury beach holiday in Mozambique

I recently visited a truly stunning corner of the globe, the Bazaruto region of Mozambique, consisting of the town of Vilanculos and its glittering archipelago of un-spoilt islands. Here you can have the most relaxing and unique island holiday.

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India - Himalayas - Kumaon - Sunrise and mist over Kumaoni hills.JPG

The best family holiday in the Himalayas & Northern India

When I take my family on an annual vacation, we try to mix luxury and style but we also love to engage with the destination. Kumaon is brilliant for families as one can walk from village to village, observing the peaceful, rural culture without another tour...

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Top 10 Epic and Unforgettable Holidays

I don’t know about you, but I have got to that stage in life where I am simply not prepared to undertake any form of travel whatsoever unless it falls under the epic and unforgettable journeys title. After all – if it’s not going to be truly sensational, m...

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Nepal - Himalayas - Trekking - Lady and baby iStock med.jpg

Where are the best trekking and walking holidays in Nepal?

This land of contrasts beckons to those who are willing to travel, as the majority of Nepalis do, on foot. This is the most fabulous way of getting to understand the complex and fascinating local culture of Nepal and having the chance to interact with some ...

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Congo - Odzala - Lango camp3

More secrets revealed about my Gorilla trekking safari in The Congo

Odzala forest in the Congo is the home to the endangered western lowland gorilla, but there is so much more to see here too. Today I am on an adventure exploring the wilderness of the forest of Odzala National Park.

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Congo - Lowland gorilla trekking Odzala - gorilla in forest

The secret about my gorilla trekking safari in the Congo

Trekking in the Republic of the Congo to see the western lowland gorilla is a different and more adventurous experience than that on offer with the mountain gorillas in Eastern Africa. This is one of the richest eco systems in the world and the experience h...

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Uganda - Bwindi - Gorilla

A Life changing Gorilla encounter in Bwindi, Uganda

What exactly is it that defines a life changing journey? I suppose it is as much about the individual, as it is about the experience being had. I have a feeling that being gently nudged out of the way by a 200 kilogram Silverback as it brushes past you to p...

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Nepal - Mustang - Helicopter Annapurnas.jpg

The Spectacular Upper Mustang on foot or by helicopter

Don’t miss out on a rare opportunity to witness the entire Annapurna Himalayan range on a luxury holiday to the Upper Mustang and Everest in Nepal. Now you can trek on foot or fly by helicopter – the ultimate way to travel!

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Norman Carr Safaris - Liuwa Plain (48) - Copy 2.jpg

Explore Liuwa Plains Zambia and Nosy Ankao Island in Madagascar

The ultimate, get away from it all, chic, luxury safari, perfect for somebody searching for a pristine, untouched Africa with five star luxury accommodation. Start your safari adventure exploring a completely new luxury property in the magnificent Liuwa Pl...

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South AMerica - Andes Lodges - Trekker and Mariposa Glacier.jpg

Explore the highest reaches of the Andes on an epic journey through South America

Explore the highest reaches of the Andes on an extraordinary, off-the-beaten-track journey from Peru through Bolivia and into Chile.

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Polar Latitudes - Chinstrap Penguins at Moonrise.jpg

Shackleton Centenary Voyages – The Epic Journey of a Lifetime

This coming Antarctic season (2016-2017) offers you the chance to immerse yourself not only in the incomparable beauty of Antarctica’s wildlife and spectacular landscapes but in the remarkable story of one of the most gruelling journeys and ultimately darin...

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Albie V pic 030516.jpg

How to take great Safari and Wildlife pictures like a Professional Photographer?

The Explorations Company have recently updated their ‘Meet and Discover Events’ calendar and are proudly inviting clients old and new to a specially designed Master-Class series for Safari and Wildlife Photography lovers.

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Kenya - Sheldrick Wildlife Trust Elephant Orphanage

How can my luxury holiday to Africa remain sustainable & responsible?

How can you help Africa’s endangered wildlife and environment and support local cultures and communities whilst still enjoying the splendour of this magnificent continent? By ensuring that your luxury safari holiday is taken sustainably and supports importa...

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Will the Tiger become extinct during our lifetime background.jpg

Unforgettable family tiger safaris to Central India

Safari holidays can be fantastic experiences for the whole family, especially if you plan them well and stay at wonderful lodges. I recently had a superb safari experience at one of India’s premier tiger reserves – Kanha National Park - which is often calle...

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Tanzania - Cultural - Hadzabe Hadza

Wonderful cultural experiences whilst on safari in Tanzania and Kenya

The main reason the vast majority of first-time visitors to East Africa make the crucial decision to go on a safari is to see the wildlife. But it isn’t until one gets to Africa that a truism kicks in: it’s the people you meet that make your stay even more ...

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India- Himalayas - one horned rhino - iStock med.jpg

Spotting tiger, elephant and rhino at Kaziranga

Kaziranga National Park is one of the least-spoilt parks in India and one of the last homes of several endangered species, including the one-horned rhino and the elusive tiger. It is a habitat that teems with wildlife and is indeed one of India’s best kept ...

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Tanzania - Horseriding - Kaskazi - lake

Superb, Eclectic, Tanzania Riding Safaris – Something Entirely Different

I absolutely recommend horseback riding safaris in Tanzania, which fall firmly into my top riding experiences in Africa - an ultimate experience for enquiring minds wanting to experience the real Africa on horseback.

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What makes the Best Safari in Tanzania lead.jpg

Witness The Great Wildebeest Migration from the comfort of a private tented camp

The Great Migration is regarded as one of the natural wonders of the world and is familiar to people across the planet - even if they've never set foot in Africa before.

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Asia Blog 200116 India's top luxury wildlife safaris Bengal Tiger, Saleel Tambe, India.jpg

Visit Satpura National Park for a “Jungle Book” experience in Central India

Visit Satpura National Park and Tiger Reserve in Madhya Pradesh for a real Jungle Book experience, where you stand excellent chances of spotting tigers and other wonderful wildlife.

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Asia - Bhutan - landscape lrg.jpg

Bhutan – good enough for the Royals!

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are currently visiting Bhutan, an extraordinarily special kingdom, and the only country in the world where a government policy includes gross national happiness!

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Zambia - Upper Zambezi - Tongabezi.jpg

Where are the best places to visit on a Zambia safari holiday?

If you’ve never been to Zambia before, you are in for a wonderful surprise. The pristine wilderness is unspoilt by mass tourism, is teeming with wildlife and has some of the friendliest folk in Africa.

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Rajasthan - Jawai - Breakfast.jpg

Rajasthan – Luxury and adventure holidays off the beaten track

Rajasthan is a superb holiday destination where you can remain in the lap of luxury and yet adventure into rural areas to enjoy the colourful villages, deserted temples, dramatic wilderness and historic forts and palaces.

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Osa Peninsula - Forest Walk - souce Cativo.jpg

Costa Rica – Life at the Extreme with Davina McCall

This week I am looking forward to watching the last episode of ITV’s Life at the Extreme with Davina McCall. This programme sees her in one of my absolute favourite wildlife destinations in Latin America, which is perfect for a luxury wildlife holiday.

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Blog - Jawai Leopard Camp - Leopard Rock.jpg

A safari at luxury Jawai Leopard Camp in Rajasthan, India

On a recent exploration off-the-beaten-track in Rajasthan, I had the pleasure of staying for a few nights at Jawai Leopard camp, a luxury safari camp lying at the heart of an untrammelled wilderness, where leopards roam wild and free.

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Zambia - Luangwa Walking Safaris - Lion

Luxury walking safaris in Zambia - the ultimate safari experience

Walking safaris are the finest way to see wildlife in its natural environment in Africa. Most of us are active and nobody wants to be constrained to a vehicle all day every day, and this is where the walking safari comes into its own.

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Africa - Tanzania mobile tented camp - Legendary - tent.JPG

What are the benefits of a luxury private mobile tailor-made safari in Kenya?

Many people ask me what are the benefits of a private mobile safari in Kenya. For me, it is the ultimate way of going on safari! Complete flexibility, freedom and exclusivity! Who could want more from life?

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Annapurna Area in Nepal.jpg

Walking the Himalayas with Levison Wood

If Channel 4 and Levison Wood’s recent documentary following his 1700 mile trek, ‘Walking the Himalayas’, inspired you to visit this dramatic and beautiful landscape, recent news that Nepal is to become more accessible to visitors will be very welcome news ...

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South Africa - Adventurous activities - Table Mountain Jump

Adventurous activities on luxury safari holiday in South Africa

South Africa is best known as being the adventure capital of world, offering over 130 adventurous activities from exhilarating abseiling to shark cage diving. There is also a diversity of legendary scenic wonders from Table Mountain to God’s Window.

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