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When is the Safari Season in Africa?

By Laura Griffith-Jones – 4th April 2010

As the Great Migration gets underway once again, Africa's safari experiences get ever more thrilling. Laura Griffith-Jones tracks down the best bush holidays of the season and finds exciting new ways to see the Big Five, rare wildlife walks through unexplor...

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Busanga Bush Camp Kafue National Park Zambia

By Harpers Bazaar - 10th March 2010

Busanga Bushcamp is located in the Kafue area of northern Zambia. Set in the heart of the wonderful Busanga Plains in Zambia, this lovely simple and very small camp offers a really intimate and authentic safari experience. Activities are centred on vehicle...

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Three new Dune Busters in Namibia

By Francesca Syz - 1st March 2010

Namibia will shortly have three new private camps offering a different experience in the Namib Desert. Mention Namibia and most people think of the otherworldly giant orange sand-dunes at Sossusvlei. Spectacular as these are, they are only part of the story...

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Jungle Bookings in Madhya Pradesh, India

By Victoria Mather - 20th April 2007

India is indeed the land of the tiger with some superb tiger reserves found all the way from the Himalayan foothills to the reserves in the deep south. Indian Explorations arranges wildlife holidays to India which are expertly tailored by one of India’s top...

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Where to see Tigers in India

By Clementine Hambro - 6th April 2007

Tiger safaris in India are a wonderful way of exploring some of the finest wilderness in the Indian subcontinent. Tigers continue to suffer from a host of pressures but we believe that tiger tourism – if done sensitively and imaginatively in a well-regulate...

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