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23 Insta-worthy romantic holidays

by CNT Editors - August 29, 2021

From the jungles of Rwanda to glaciers in Argentina, Pri Shewakramani lists unforgettable experiences that make for picture-perfect memories. We have great pleasure in including the latest Conde Nast article on 23 most insta-worthy, romantic holidays! From ...

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Xigera Safari Lodge, Botswana - A sustainable safari in the Okavango Delta

By Jane Broughton - 6th May 2021

Why book? A lavish reinvention of a much-loved location in a plum private concession within the wild Moremi Game Reserve. It’s owned and run by fourth-generation hoteliers, so every inch and detail champions Africa’s coolest designers and artists. To this ...

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An adventurous safari along Zimbabwe's back roads

By Peter Browne - 25th January 2020

Zimbabwe is nature in the raw, a place where big-game spotters get up close to some of the most endangered species in Africa. Peter Browne returns to his homeland for a slow safari along its backroads.

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Why do Condé Nast Traveller recommend that you only delay travel plans and not cancel them completely?

By Juliet Kinsman - 27th April 2020

Now is the time to delay your travel plans, not cancel them completely. Changing the date of that booked holiday could be the kindest thing to do right now. Rather than seeking a refund, simply postponing plans might be a greater help than you could imagine...

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In the Okavango Delta, Horseback Safaris Offer a Whole New Perspective

By Maggie Shipstead - 11th February 2020

Gallop alongside giraffes, warthogs, and more on a riding safari in Botswana's Okavango Delta. “Be able to gallop out of trouble.”

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India’s Forgotten Kingdom of Hampi

By Jeffrey Gettleman – 1st November 2019

The Tungabhadra River cuts through the boulder-strewn landscape of Hampi, in the South Indian state of Karnataka, like a jigsaw. Twisting back and forth between giant rocks, it has always been a lifeline for the people of this landlocked village - which is ...

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Botswana: Four Incredible Safari Lodges in the Okavango Delta

By Douglas Rogers - 25th June 2017

For most of Botswana's history, access to the delta was limited. Local tribes such as the Bayei navigated the channels in dugout canoes known as mokoros, but only the eastern edge of the region, Moremi, had any significant tourism. Today, Botswana's astonis...

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Now you can pop to Everest for Breakfast

By Sadie Whitelocks - 7th April 2017

Now you can pop to Mount Everest… for BREAKFAST: The Explorations Company helicopter guests to base camp for Champagne, croissants and a VERY good view. For those looking for a wild breakfast experience. Guests are flown from Kathmandu to the mountains via ...

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I wanna be a jungle VIP Madhya Pradesh Central India

By Kate Eshelby - 16th April 2016

I’m in the jungles of Central India, in Madhya Pradesh, with my husband, Mark and our two Mowglis Zac and Archie, aged four and two. From Mumbai, you fly to Bhopal, then it’s a three-and-a-half hour drive; a long trek, but the rewards come rich and fast.

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A guide to planning your summer getaway

By Alex Gladwin - 10th April 2016

Rather than booking standard holidays that take you on well-trodden tourist trails, why not opt for something extraordinary instead? There’s no shortage of options on offer. From safaris across the Serengeti Plains to whale watching off the coast of Sri Lan...

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Planning the ultimate Africa family safari hoilday

By Stephanie Oakes - 6th November 2015

Arranging time abroad with your family can often require a lot of careful planning. If you’re thinking of treating you and your children to the ultimate Africa safari holidaying experience, take a look at this helpful checklist before you put your vacation ...

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The Kenyan safari where the animals come to you

By Charlie Burton - 17th September 2015

Consider the prototypical safari: its premise is the game drive. At Ol Jogi, however, the animals come to you. Sheltered beneath a rocky outcrop in the Kenyan bush, the lodge opens out to a verdant lawn with, at the far end, its own large watering hole. Tak...

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Chile's Far-Out Art Hotel Vina Vik

By Peter Browne - 1st June 2015

Some billionaires spend their money on flights into space. Others buy mega yachts. But one has just poured a fortune into building a far-out art hotel in Chile - with its own world-class winery attached. At first light the magical valley shrugged off its sh...

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The best family hotels in the world

By Peter Browne - 2nd April 2014

Grootbos in South Africa, lures families back with a concoction of spectacular scenery, enchanting activities and food so interesting that even the smallest imps are converted to leaf-and-flower salads (alongside a fire-baked pizza, of course). Unlike game ...

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Zambia Chongwe River House

By Adrianne Pielou - 1st September 2013

A gingerbread-style safari house set on the riverbank under a canopy of winterthorn acacias, Chongwe River House is very Swiss Family Robinson, with open-sided rooms, furniture carved from tree trunks and gloriously higgledy-piggledy walls made of branches....

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Kenya Giraffe Manor

By Daisy Finer - 1st May 2013

Kenya's Giraffe Manor, just 45 minutes' drive from Nairobi airport, is a magical start to a family safari trip. Up to 12 resident Rothschild giraffes saunter to the house from around 7am each morning. Lean down from your bedroom window, marvel at their long...

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Worlds Apart - Zambia & Malawi

By Peter Browne - 10th September 2012.

Zambia and Malawi are a wild new twist on the classic bush-to-beach double-hit. Peter Browne revisits the southern Africa of his childhood and finds he is still in frontier territory in a vast and empty Africa. In bed on my first night in Zambia, blanketed ...

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Capture the Kingdom of Bhutan

By Hazel Lubbock - 9th August 2010

Luxury retreat Uma Paro has teamed up with experienced tour guide and photographer Ugyen Wangchuk, to give guests the chance to see Bhutan through the lens of a camera. The seven-night trip takes aspiring photographers on in-depth explorations of the countr...

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Mozambique Mystique

By Lisa Granger - 12th June 2010

Endless deserted beaches, aquamarine lagoons and emerging safari parks make Mozambique perfect for an African adventure. Lisa Grainger flies in. Swinging in a palm-shaded hammock at Nuarro Luxury Eco Lodge, looking out over a pale turquoise lagoon fringed w...

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When is the Safari Season in Africa?

By Laura Griffith-Jones – 4th April 2010

As the Great Migration gets underway once again, Africa's safari experiences get ever more thrilling. Laura Griffith-Jones tracks down the best bush holidays of the season and finds exciting new ways to see the Big Five, rare wildlife walks through unexplor...

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Three new Dune Busters in Namibia

By Francesca Syz - 1st March 2010

Namibia will shortly have three new private camps offering a different experience in the Namib Desert. Mention Namibia and most people think of the otherworldly giant orange sand-dunes at Sossusvlei. Spectacular as these are, they are only part of the story...

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