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Euphorbia Villas, Mashatu, Botswana

Mashatu Euphorbia Villas is the new flagship camp and is situated in the privately owned, Mashatu Game Reserve in Botswana and comprises of 29,000 hectares (72000 acres) of privately owned land in the conserved wilderness area known as the Northern Tuli Game Reserve.

Land of the Giants - Mashatu is the epitome of all that defines wilderness areas in Africa. Within a unique wildlife area in Botswana, host to some of the finest predator viewing on the continent, this new eco-camp is set to leave a lasting impression. You will be charmed by the vast open spaces, biodiversity of wildlife, majestic skies and the tranquillity interspersed with birdsong and sounds of the wild.

Mashatu Euphorbia Villas will begin welcoming guests from June 2020, but reservations are now open.

Where are Euphorbia Villas located?

Mashatu Game Reserve is situated at the confluence of the great Limpopo and Shashe Rivers in the remote eastern corner of Botswana. This area is known historically as the Tuli Enclave and it is here where the three countries; Botswana, South Africa and Zimbabwe converge. In addition to this large conservation area, Mashatu Game Reserve offers refuge to the largest elephant population on a private reserve on the African continent.

What sort of accommodation is available?

Mashatu Euphorbia Villas is an intimate composition of 8 “green” villas, combining luxury with conservation and sustainability. With 92% rain-free days per annum at Mashatu, solar energy is utilised, along with state-of-the-art water treatment and recycling systems, creating a refuge, run on renewable and non-invasive resources.

You will experience the famously warm ‘Mashatu welcome’ to your personal villa, with a design based on the local Mopane tree’s pod. The curves and shape of the villas are inspired by the Mopane, being the predominant food source for many animals, during the dry months of the year. The villas exude an earthy glamour, boasting solar-heated, private plunge pools, indoor and outdoor showers, a primary WC and second ‘loo with a view,’ all while giving you that feeling of the ultimate retreat.

Are children welcome at Mashatu?

The Children’s programme is designed to entertain the children, while teaching them about the bush and the wildlife we share our lives with.

Leading the programme is Gaone Ratsoma, together with a team of Mashatu rangers. Gaone has the benefit of two years on Disney Cruise Liners out of Fort Lauderdale in the USA, and as a result has extensive knowledge of children’s entertainment. Many of the games designed for this programme originated at Disney World.

Children are at all times supervised by a responsible manager and/or ranger while participating in the programme, whether they are within the confines of the camp or out in the bush.

The Children’s programme is geared for children aged 4–12 years. Activities depend on the time of year, and the number of days the children will be staying in camp.

Each child is given a Mashatu backpack containing an interactive checklist, bird colouring book, coloured pencils and sharper, a compass and thermometer.

The children’s programme is subject to availability and needs to be pre-booked prior to arrival.

What Activities are Available?

Mashatu Euphorbia Villas is the perfect place to add adventure to a safari, by mountain biking, walking, horseback riding or enjoying the renowned underground photographic hide, while returning each evening to an aura of natural elegance and comfort.

Game Drives are conducted in an open four-wheel drive safari vehicles. The rangers are in constant radio contact with one another in order to keep informed about the location of the game. Headsets are used in order not to upset the sounds of the African bush.

Besides elephant, lion, cheetah, leopard and hyena, more prolific game such as giraffe, zebra, wildebeest, eland and a variety of antelope, as well as the nocturnal animals like springhare, bat-eared fox, civet cat, genet cat, honey badger and mongoose, are prevalent throughout the reserve.

Birdlife is prolific and Mashatu Game Reserve has recorded over 366 different species. The four-wheel drive safari vehicles allow rangers to leave the road ensuring that guests get to view game up close ensuring lasting memories and fabulous photographic records. Night drives, with the aid of powerful spotlights, allow you to experience Africa while the rest of the continent sleeps.

The guides and trackers are Tswana men from the region who have both a natural instinct as well as an intimate knowledge of the bush. These guides average 14 years on Mashatu and are ‘career guides’. They are thoroughly trained in all aspects of ecology and are therefore able to impart valuable information and priceless insight – adding richness to your safari experience.

When is the best time to visit Mashatu?

Mashatu is situated in the eastern extremes of the Kalahari Desert and has had 92% rain-free days a year over the past 22 years.

The climate over most of southern Africa is temperate, although hot, dry conditions are usually encountered in the Tuli region. Heavy summer thunderstorms of short duration in the late afternoon and early evening may be expected. Rain usually occurs during the summer months – between October and March. 

What should I pack and bring with me?

Dress code is safari casual. Be sure to bring a sweater which may be needed at any time of year. During the winter months (May to September) very warm clothes, including a windbreaker or anorak, are essential.

  • Anti-malarial prophylactics. Consult your doctor or pharmacist.
  • Comfortable walking shoes, sun hats, sunglasses and sunscreen.
  • Cameras and binoculars.
  • Summer: lightweight clothing and swimwear, warm clothing for game drives.
  • Winter: light clothing for daytime, very warm insulated jackets for game drives.


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