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Watch Lions Return to Liwonde in Malawi

A century ago, Africa contained more than 200,000 wild lions but in recent decades, habitat loss, human-wildlife conflict and diminished prey have caused Africa’s lion population to plummet to just fewer than 20,000, eradicating them from up to 90% of their historical range. Lions are now extinct in 26 African countries, but Malawi has become a bright spot among efforts to conserve the species. But through initiatives such as these, Malawi is providing sanctuary for wild lions and is bringing them home. On August 22, 2018, conservation non-profit African Parks (APN), in partnership with the Department of National Parks and Wildlife (DNPW), and with support from the Dutch Government, the Lion Recovery Fund and the Leonardo DiCaprio Foundation, announced the completion of a series of lion translocations from South Africa to Malawi. A total of nine lions have just been reintroduced to Liwonde (from South Africa and from Majete Wildlife Reserve also in Malawi), through a series of translocations to return the species to the park. Five additional lions were also translocated to Majete Wildlife Reserve from South Africa to increase the genetic diversity of the reserve’s pride. These lion translocations are part of a wider effort to restore Malawi’s parks.