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African Bush Camps Foundation

The African Bush Camps Foundation is a registered not-for-profit organisation that began operating in 2006 with the vision of creating opportunities that empower rural communities located in vulnerable wildlife areas.

The ABC Foundation’s mission is to partner with these communities to improve their quality of life and achieve long-term conservation through programs focusing on education, conservation, community infrastructure and community empowerment.


Scholarships for both community members and staff as well as vocational skills training for targeted individuals and communities.

Community Empowerment

Generating income for community, households, alternative livelihood sources and facilitating social events.

Conservation Aspirations

Resolving human-wildlife conflicts, preserving wildlife assets (reducing poaching and deforestation), supporting National Parks institutions, and engaging the youth in communities to raise awareness of conservation.

By directly linking these benefits to tourism these communities learn to positively value wildlife and nature as resources for improving their well-being.

Their approach

The African Bush Camps Foundation identifies needs, skills and resources within communities and forges meaningful partnerships amongst the stakeholders, creating opportunities to empower the communities and their members to become self-sustaining and independent, whilst also promoting conservation and community spirit.

They work with the rural communities living in and around the wildlife areas in which African Bush Camps operates.

Their support

Through their multi-faceted partnership with African Bush Camps, each and every bed night in any one of their camps donates US$10 to the African Bush Camps Foundation covering their administrative overheads, allowing them to make sure that 100% of each and every donation goes directly to the project it is intended for.