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Cape Town’s most luxurious private villas at Ellerman House

Ellerman House is the quintessential urban retreat for discerning luxury travellers wanting complete exclusivity in Cape Town. Ellerman House is a landmark in the exclusive Cape Town suburb of Bantry Bay and it offers the best of South Africa in service and style. The villas and the House have the most stunning panoramic views over the ocean and the bay is sheltered too.

With easy access to central Cape Town and many highlights and sites worth visiting in Cape Town and surrounds, Ellerman House and their two villas are beautiful properties in which to be based, with year-round sunsets, spectacular views with refined service and hospitality. One feels most privileged to stay here.  

For the ultimate in privacy and indulgence in South Africa, the two three-bedroom private villas are incredible. The style of both villas is contemporary modern with clean lines and space that draws one into the expansive views.  These are perfect for a family or a small group of friends and each has its own lounge, dining room, study and fully-equipped kitchen as well as an entertainment area with deck and pool – pure heaven!

Although the villas stand independently from Ellerman House, the service does not falter from the highest standard, with a private chef and hospitality team included when booking the villas to tend to your every need.

Apart from the two villas, the esteemed Ellerman House only has 13 rooms and is also in itself an art gallery with the finest collection of South African art.

Where are the Ellerman Villas Located?

Ellerman House and their two private villas are located on Kloof Road in Bantry Bay just 10 minutes drive from central Cape Town and around 45 minutes from the international airport.   It is within walking distance of the famous Clifton Beach, 10 minutes from the centre of Cape Town and 35-45 minutes from the start of the winelands, a highlight and must for any visitors to the Cape.  There is much to see and do in Cape Town and surrounds, sun-drenched beaches and the best restaurants in Africa, to scenic drives, golf courses, gardens, markets and of course the one highlight that dominates the whole of Cape Town – Table Mountain.

What sort of accommodation is available at the two Ellerman House Villas?

There are two villas that are modern and glamorous and with the slopes of Lions Head behind and panoramic views of the Atlantic Ocean in front, the villas exude an alluring beach lifestyle.  Each villa is privately staffed, and its privacy allows one to relax whilst also having the option to enjoy the spa and art of the house.

When is the best time to visit the Ellerman Villas?

There is no ‘best time’ to visit. South Africa’s seasons find midwinter in June / July and midsummer occurring in December / January. The country is very much one that can be visited all year round, with appropriate clothing.

  • Spring - September to November – as the rains ease off the Southern Right Whales come into the bays for courting, mating and calving.
  • Summer - November/December to March – this is the driest time to venture to the Cape. The harvesting time is February to March, just before autumn
  • Autumn /Winter – April to August – there are generally warm to cool days and cold nights. Cape Town can be very miserable with rainy weather for several days at a time. However, the whale watching season starts in June and goes through until November when the whales come right into the shore. The fynbos flowers after winter rains during August and September. Cape Town averages temperatures April 12/23 through to August 7/18’. Average rainfall is highest in May, June and July, though this varies from year to year.

What should I pack and bring with me?

Smart casual clothing is requested at Ellerman, but you are on holiday and the villa is private just for you, so you can wear what you like! If you visit certain high end restaurants – bookings in advance are ALWAYS recommended, then gentlemen may be required to wear a light jacket. However, out and about in Cape Town – wear comfortable clothing, in layers especially during the winter months and good footwear. If hiking activities are included, then bring light weight hiking boots/ shoes with a good grip on the sole.

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