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How is Singita Grumeti helping to save Africa’s Elephant population?

Singita is a conservation brand that has been preserving African wilderness for the past 25 years, offering you an exceptional safari experience with 14 luxury, award-winning lodges and camps across six regions in Africa.

Travellers choose to stay at Singita because of the expansive space and beauty of the reserves, limited guest and vehicle numbers, extraordinarily consistent game viewing and the exceptional care that is taken of each guest during their stay. When guests depart after a Singita safari they are transformed for life, satisfied in the knowledge that they’ve made a contribution to the legacy of Africa.

Why is Conservation so important at Singita Grumeti?

Built upon a 100-year purpose to preserve and protect African wilderness for future generations, Singita has been championing conservation in Africa from the very beginning with large-scale projects in wildlife management and protection, reserve and ecosystem integrity, sustainable tourism practices and community partnerships.

Through a sustainable conservation model that helps balance tourism with conservation in all regions in which they operate, Singita’s ethos of “touching the earth lightly” is no longer just a forward-thinking principle; it is imperative to our survival, and that of the land, wildlife and communities under our care.

This video encapsulates the very important work being carried out by Singita's Grumeti Fund in helping to preserve Africa’s endangered elephant population through its elephant collaring initiatives and this is something which we would absolutely encourage all guests to participate in – it is an experience of a lifetime.

Why was The Grumeti Fund established?

Conservation at Singita is concentrated on and supports Biodiversity, Community and Sustainability.

The Grumeti Fund is the proud custodian of 350,000 acres of this unique ecosystem. Ensuring the continued protection of the Singita Serengeti concessions, situated primarily in the critical western corridor of the plains, is essential to the future sustainability of the ancient migration that defines these lands.

In days gone by, unspoiled wilderness on earth was found in abundance – but today it is rare, vulnerable and fragile and there is much to be done to protect these rapidly diminishing areas.

In partnership with non-profit funds and trusts who implement strategic conservation projects in each region, Singita is preserving and protecting pristine land and existing wildlife populations and helping to create economic independence within communities that live alongside the reserves.

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