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Discover your Uganda

Kamageo has produced a new 2-minute destination video highlighting the wonders of Uganda’s western circuit. The film captures the beauty of the landscapes, the amazing activities, the wonderful wildlife and the warmth of Ugandan people. The theme emphasises that visitors can do and see whatever they choose from the many options on offer - from mountain gorillas and chimpanzees, to birding, adventure, water-sports and culture. In this newest work, filmed during June 2018, local Ugandans proudly show off the aspect of the country that they love best, announcing "This is my Uganda!" There's also a new hashtag #myuganda. Rich Whiston explained, “Originally we'd anticipated producing a short memento of our trip, but after seeing the first edit, it was clear we had something far bigger and better than that. I defy anyone to watch the finished versions and not want to be transported immediately to Uganda!”