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Somalisa Camp in Zimbabwe is a great place for a family safari holiday

Family holidays at Somalisa Camp in Zimbabwe allow you to enjoy your safari together, experience the wonders of Africa and connect with your family while making life-long memories. The schedule is decided by you, so your family can experience exactly the safari you want to have.

Family safaris at Somalisa Camp

Children love the African bush and the fantastic guides will share their passion and knowledge with your family. The camp takes children from around 7 years and the guides specialise in making this a wonderful experience for them, keeping them interested and entertained.

Firstly, they teach them all about the kinds of poo they will find in the bush and how to identify them – children love this! They teach them how to track animals from their spoor, how to identify different birds from their calls, and how to listen to the bush and hear what it is telling them.

You can also take sunset boat cruises, walking safaris with your expert guide (children must be 16 to walk), game drives, or even a helicopter ride over the landscape for fantastic aerial views!

Why not take your family to visit a local village and spend time interacting with the local people, finding out about their way of life and telling them about yours. Children find this experience so enriching and it is such a brilliant education for them, to learn about the lives of other people around the world.

What is amazing about Somalisa Camp?

Somalisa camp sits in a shallow valley in the midst of all the wildlife trails to and from the natural waterhole located about 20m away. One can sit on the verandah and look out over the valley, which is filled with low bush so you can see all the wildlife from the comfort of your seat!

There are large breeding elephant herds in the area who prefer to drink the fresh water from the camp over the watering hole, so you can see groups of them come right up to the camp to drink from the camp’s pool! This is such an incredible experience to be so close to these gentle giants who are comfortable in your presence.

At night you can hear the different sounds of the bush, the hyenas in the distance, lion roaring or maybe a leopard calling. Then first thing in the morning, before dawn, a guide will wake you and walk you to the campfire where you can have a light breakfast and hot drink before embarking upon the first game drive, or maybe a walk, while it is still dark.

Sustainable and responsible travel

African Bush Camps have a range of camps across Zimbabwe, Botswana and Zambia and offer unrivalled experiences for the intrepid traveller, adventurous families and those who want to feel at one with the wonders of Africa.

They have a wonderful charitable programme, the African Bush Camps Foundation, which supports and empowers the local communities around their camps as well as engaging in extensive conservation activities. On a safari to Somalisa camp one can visit a local village and meet those who have benefitted from these projects and how their range of creative solutions improve life for local people as well as contributing to conservation of the local environment and wildlife. 

Your stay includes an illuminating visit to the Lion Guardians; local people who educate and empower communities to live in harmony with wildlife. They inform and alert about the presence of lions in the area, forming a link between conservationists and communities by monitoring the location and effects of predators, relaying information and encouraging cooperation.

This is an important initiative which has proved very successful. Far fewer livestock are lost and far fewer lions killed amounting to a win-win scenario for lions, researchers, wildlife authorities and local people, through a shared sense of ‘ownership’ of both the problem and its solution.

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