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High-end Private Galapagos Sailing and Yacht Holiday Charters

Six hundred miles off the coast of Ecuador, surrounded by open ocean, a volcanic archipelago straddles the Equator. The Galapagos Islands, forged of black lava and named for the giant tortoises that are among their most noted inhabitants, are like no other place on Earth.

Home to a profuse array of unique wildlife, the islands offer an immersion in nature that feels primeval. Iguanas and blue-footed boobies share the beaches with you, unconcerned by your presence. Friendly sea lions, and sometimes inquisitive porpoises, play with you in the clear turquoise water, as Galapagos penguins dart by and sea turtles glide past.

There is nothing more enchanting than sailboats. A sailing tour will take you to far out remote places where you will see amazing animals in their natural habitat. A true nautical experience and sense of adventure are ingredients of our Private Sailing Galapagos Cruises.

Each yacht has been chosen for its impeccable safety, comfort and its itineraries that will carry you to remote and awesome locations, accompanied by a friendly and experienced crew.

There is no experience like sailing The Galapagos Islands

Sailing is true communion with nature. A sailing vessel must negotiate with the seas and winds to reach its destination. In this day and age, it is a pleasure and deep honour to operate in the Galapagos Islands with only environmentally sound ships, travelling the seas, experiencing nature at its purest.

The option of travelling by wind on open sails to where dolphins play and enormous peaceful whale sharks float, to where eagle rays spring from the ocean deep and agile sea lions twirl in the water next to the boat. Sailing in the Galapagos Islands is a treat to the senses, an experience of a lifetime when done right by those who know and love them intimately.

Charter your luxury Galapagos Cruise

Private charters allow us to offer services not included on a normal cruise within the restrictions imposed by the national park authorities: professional photographer, on-board masseuse, specialty chef, weddings and honeymoons are among the most frequent requests.

Galapagos private charter with The Explorations Company is an exclusive experience created just for you

A chartered cruise trip is the definition of a high-end, tailor-made vacation. A Galapagos private cruise is the ultimate luxurious holiday experience, offering personalised service and an exceptional level of freedom and privacy.

Working in remote regions of the world presents unique challenges that are not found in more conventional cruising areas. However, with our experience of tourism in the Islands, we understand the operational requirements necessary to make your Galapagos private cruise a success.

Family charters

Our goal is to create a tailor-made family gateway for each of our clients that takes into consideration any special interests.

Friends and group charters

Perfect if you are looking for a shared adventure with friends. We can tailor the activities on-board your Galapagos private yacht to your particular interests.

Special interests’ charters

We customise your experience for your personal interests: photography, bird watching, gastronomy, adventure and more. No matter your interests, an expert in that field will accompany you on the cruise if requested.

Charters for events

The private charter yacht crews are experts in hospitality and event planning, making a wedding, honeymoon, birthday, anniversary, or family reunion in the Galapagos Islands the most memorable experience of a lifetime.

When is the best time to travel to the Galapagos?

The months of April and May are usually filled and occupied almost six months in advance. In the case of Christmas, many spaces are reserved one or two years prior.

So, if you have a specific Galapagos cruise in mind, it is wise to start booking your vacation as soon as possible.

There are other times of the year, such as the first week of December, or the month of January, when it is easier to find availability.

Due to their position on the equator, the climate does not undergo significant temperature changes. Therefore, the Galapagos Islands can be visited all year round.

The only factor that may change your experience on the islands is rain. However, even during the so-called rainy season, rainfall in the Galapagos is minimal. The Galapagos Islands are very arid, meaning that, even in the rainy season, you can enjoy the equatorial sun, accompanied by short and light drizzles, known as garúa.

Rainy Season: December to April.

Dry Season: May to November.

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