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Africa Flying Safaris - By Private Fixed Wing Aircraft

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A Fixed Wing Flying Safari is a unique concept of travel in Africa. It introduces another dimension to a typical African safari, that of the beauty of the continent from the air.

Accompanied and guided by experienced pilots who are also experienced safari guides a Fixed Wing Flying Safari is a truly memorable and exclusive experience.

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Flying safaris in Africa

An itinerary put together as a flying safari may require a different approach but it can be extremely rewarding, especially in Africa where distances are huge and the terrain rough. This type of travel cuts long and tiring transfers over rugged terrain - you often land directly at the lodge private airstrip - and yet it maintains all the ground activities, actually it may even allow the participants to enjoy them better since guests are less tired when they arrive at destination. For clients wishing to visit a combination of remote areas in a short space of time, a flying safari is certainly the answer.

The Explorations Company offers a unique approach to unveiling the world to its clients: nothing can be more special than discovering each and every corner of Africa aboard a private plane, nothing can make you experience freedom more than flying over infinite horizons. And when on the ground, the pilot remains with you, turning into your naturalist guide and host.

If aboard his aircraft, the pilot does his utmost to offer his passengers the most spectacular panoramas, once on the ground he becomes the most attentive tour leader focused on making each journey an unforgettable experience. We are the experts, not only do the pilots fly the planes but they also act as the guide and companion ensuring that these exotic destinations come alive in all their true splendour.

There is no better way to explore - from the sky and on the ground - the highlights each region has to offer, even those far off-the-beaten track or difficult to reach by road.

THE VERY SPECIAL GUESTS of The Explorations Company enjoy a privileged view of the many natural ‘jewels’ of Africa, far away from the tourist “crowded” areas and expoma the true feeling of being at one with nature at its best.

“Dream from above what you then experience on the ground”

 “The Sky’s the limit”

Flying Safaris in Africa - By Private Helicopter

Epic helicopter journeys exploring corners of Africa that few have been to or even ever heard of. We specialise in Kenya, Ethiopia, Uganda, Tanzania, the Congo and Namibia. Our tailor-made safaris cover wild and spectacular mountains, valleys, forests and deserts, with a focus on ‘remote and unknown, unexplored and unforgettable’.

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- Philanthropy is our philosophy

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- An amount from each holiday is donated to our selected conservation and humanitarian charities

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