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Robinson Crusoe retreats – India and Sri Lanka

Away from the mainland are the Andaman and Lakshadweep Islands, where you can discover India’s best-kept secrets. These islands offer small eco-retreats set amidst rain forest and tropical fruit trees behind pristine white sandy beaches.

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The Andaman and Nicobar islands consists of nearly 572 islands which are placed in the Indian Ocean having Port Blair as their capital. Some of the famous islands include the North Andaman, the Middle Andaman, Little Andaman Island, Baratang and South Andaman.

Most of the region of Andaman and Nicobar is covered under the canopy of tropical rainforests. The most alluring point located in the Andaman is the famed Havelock beach, which has now turned into a bustling tourist spot, provides for some spectacular views of the sea and shores. The breathtaking view of the marine life in the blue waters of the sea acts as one of the major reasons because of which the tourists visit this land.

The Andaman and Nicobar Islands also harbour a great and splendid wildlife. The place is a home to a large number of animals, which include the endemic mammals such as Andaman shrew, Andaman rat, Jenkins's shew, Banded pig etc. The dense cover of forest acts as a natural habitat for the various animals. The spotted deer, elephants, Indian muntjac and sambar are also found in the island.

The place is a visual treat for each and every individual who love the sight of watching birds. The birds such as serpent eagle, wood pigeon, cuckoo dove, hawk owl etc. can also be found in this destination. There is an abundant presence of the various species of amphibians as well as reptiles in this region.

With brilliant sandy white beaches dotted with coconut trees and various shacks on the coastline, Andaman and Nicobar Islands offers the perfect getaway for those looking for solitude amidst some spectacular scenery.

Come see varied secrets of unspoiled natural islands… Diving around the Andaman Islands of India, one of the last unexplored diving frontiers in the world; in a luxury live-aboard is an experience no diver should miss!

Until recently, the Andaman Islands were completely isolated and the new tourism development has been environmentally conscious, resulting in abundant and diverse marine life in surrounding waters for divers to explore. With fringing reefs, steeply sloping walls, coral pinnacles, wrecks, plus the more unusual jet-black volcanic walls of Barren Island, there is something for every diver on a live-aboard cruise to the Andaman Islands!

Only a few diving destinations in the world feature more than a single major attraction. Andaman Islands is one place that offers it all

In Sri Lanka, there is a wonderful Robinson Crusoe retreat with no windows or doors, but is simply heavenly, called the Mud House! The Mud House is a beautiful and unique forest retreat offering charming 'back to nature' accommodation, gourmet village cuisine and a fantastic range of engaging excursions and activities.

Located in the rural Puttalam district of Sri Lanka, with access to the ancient sites of the Cultural Triangle, Wilpattu National Park and the beaches at Kalapitya. It is a very authentic region of Sri Lanka and the Mud House was established as a project to open up the area to tourism and exhibit what the region has to offer.

The retreat consists of uniquely designed mud huts spread throughout 60 acres of forest land.  Each hut has a private dining pavilion and the menu is a variety of hearty Sri Lankan cuisine. It has its own organic farm, where the majority of the fruits and vegetables used are grown.  Within a short bicycle ride from The Mudhouse you can find the little known Thonigala Rock inscription, thought to be one of the longest in Asia. 

Being a dry zone area the region is also excellent for wildlife and covered in man made lakes, known as tanks. Often a picture of splendid serenity, the tanks support a varied array of bird and wildlife as well as supporting human habitation. Great for swimming and picnic stops, the staff at the Mudhouse take great pleasure in introducing you to the many tanks within the surrounding area.

So, spend your days in sublime surroundings watching the birds and buffalo on the bordering lake. Go for a walk or take a bike ride and get a glimpse of life in rural Sri Lanka with all its vibrant warmth and colour. Swim amongst the lilies or doze all day. Visit vast wetlands and ancient temples far away from the beaten track or simply laze in a hammock and observe the beauty of the tropical countryside.

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