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Ecuador Holidays - Undiscovered charm and natural beauty

For most travellers journeying to South America for the first time, Ecuador is often a mere stopping-off point en route to the famed wildlife Mecca of the Galápagos Islands archipelago, possibly for a private Galapagos boat holiday. As a result, this small and immensely friendly country gets rather overlooked. However, in our opinion, an Ecuador luxury holiday is definitely worthy of your time and attention.

The central part of the country, which follows the spine of the high Andes, enjoys a wonderful spring-like climate year-round. From here you can explore traditional Quichua-speaking villages, beautifully restored colonial-era cities, rural markets and national parks set along the stunning Avenue of the Volcanoes before perhaps continuing your journey to discover the spectacular wildlife haven that is the Galapagos Islands, with our Galapagos private holidays.

The traditional ranches or haciendas of the Cotopaxi National Park offer some excellent riding for the perfect South America riding holiday, walking or trekking in South America, and general R&R in amongst the rolling hills, and serve tasty home-cooked traditional cuisine using farm-fresh organic produce.

In the east lie vast tracts of pristine tropical rainforest, which are still home to fiercely proud and traditional indigenous communities, who strive to retain their ancient culture and traditions in the face of modern development. Heading west towards the coast on your Ecuador luxury holiday, the climate gradually warms as the plains descend in altitude, forming rich, dense cloud forest, which is home to some spectacular birdlife, including the resplendent bright-red cock-of-the-rock. Finally you reach the hot equatorial coast, with its mangrove-fringed beaches, local rustic lodges and whale-watching opportunities, perfect for Ecuador luxury holidays.

Allow us to share with you some of the wonderful experiences that this spectacular country has to offer. We only use top-notch guides, naturalists, ornithologists and anthropologists, whose in-depth knowledge and involvement with local people and communities will reward you with some truly unique cultural exchanges.

Your Ecuador luxury holiday plans will be made-to-measure to your exact requirements, and we’d be delighted to suggest some off-the-beaten-track haciendas and lodges for you to explore, where you’ll experience the genuine warmth of this country’s time-honoured hospitality.

We would love to hear from you. To find out more about tailormade luxury holidays in Ecuador, or to obtain inspiration for a holiday, please contact us by phone or e-mail, or complete our online enquiry form.

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Ecuador Family Holidays

Ecuador is a truly wonderful destination for a family holiday, even with younger children, as it is such an easy-going and friendly country with so much diversity in a relatively small space.
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The Amazon Basin

Share time with people from ancient Amazon forest cultures and discover the fascinating flora and fauna of the jungle, seeing this incredible region through the eyes of the people that live here.
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The Galapagos Islands

The Galapagos Islands are quite unlike anywhere else on Earth; a unique wildlife showcase. With no natural predators, one is surrounded by endemic species of creatures in their hundreds.
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Riding in the Andes

Imagine riding amid high Andean peaks and through remote traditional villages on horseback, chatting to the local cowboys (chagras) and then taking a break for lunch at a beautiful ranch-house.
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Colonial Quito

Quito’s historical heart has had something of a renaissance in the last decade and its cobbled streets and tree-lined squares are a great place for soaking up the bustling atmosphere and exploring its ornate churches.
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Trekking Holidays

Ecuador’s dazzling mountain regions of the central highlands make for truly awe-inspiring trekking up to and around some of its iconic volcanic peaks such as Cotopaxi and Rumiñahui.
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Avenue of Volcanoes

Amid a stunning landscape of dramatic Andean peaks, explore traditional Quichua communities in this ‘land of the Ilamas’, discovering local haciendas, small villages and bustling traditional markets.
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Perched at 2550m above sea level, Cuenca is known for being one of South America's prettiest colonial cities. Definitely a rival to Quito for its beauty and grandeur, this Ecuadorian jewel is a listed UNESCO World Heritage Site.
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Explore the artisan towns and famous market of Otavalo, each place specialising in a different craft from wood-carving, leather-work, weaving fine textiles and intricate figurines and ornaments made of dough.
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Ecuador's Pacific Coast

Ecuador’s Pacific coast is rugged and beautiful as well as mostly deserted, making it a wonderful, easily accessible choice for some beach relaxation as well as superb whale-watching in Machalilla.
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Mindo cloudforest

The cloudforest between the highlands and coast boasts stunning orchids, hummingbirds and other species in profusion including the famous cock-of-the-rock and the rare spectacled bear.
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