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Discover Botswana’s Okavango Delta on a walking safari with expert guide David Foot

Albee Yeend
By Albee Yeend
15 Sep 2017
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Walking safaris are truly one of the best ways to explore the wilderness and really get in-touch with nature!

For those wishing for an extremely up close and personal experience in Botswana’s Okavango Delta, David Foot Walking Safaris are now offering an exceptional way of discovering the Delta on foot. The Okavango Delta was recently listed as the 1000th World Heritage Site.


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On arrival, your luggage is loaded onto traditional dug-out mokoros and transported to camp whilst you venture on foot into the Delta. Mokoros are available during the safari should you choose to rest your feet for a sunset cruise, whilst sipping a sundowner. 

The fully serviced mobile camp is extremely comfortable and well-equipped with spacious walk-in tents and lovely bedding. You can even enjoy a famous bucket shower under the branches of a fig tree! Your meals will be freshly prepared by your own personal camp chef.


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This area is perfect for walking and consists of a series of Delta Islands with open plains where game can easily be spotted. You will spend three days walking, covering approximately 10 -15km per day, stopping to look at both the big and little game. 

From ants to buffalo, a bird's nest to pursuing wild dogs you will learn from your highly experienced walking guides.  There is no fixed itinerary and the location of the camp is dependent on the levels of the water and the movement of the wildlife, each exquisite with a choice of shady tree-lined islands.


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The three night walking safari experience allows you to share in a special perspective of the Delta and are perfect for those with an adventurous spirit. Walking in the wilderness is a truly authentic safari experience.  The water, the floodplains and the islands of the Okavango Delta are an absolute haven for wildlife.

A morning walk will give you so many memories, possibly spotting herds of red lechwe tripping through the shallow waters, elephants swimming in the deep channels, glimpses of big cats trying to stay hidden not to mention brilliant birdlife everywhere.


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Thousands of palm fringed islands are surrounded by seasonal floodplains. Elephants cross these floodplains leaving the paths clear for you to follow as you explore this stunningly beautiful area on foot from your private camp. You may have heard a leopard at night and you can then spend the morning searching for this most elusive of cats. Or you may head to the nearby hippo pools to sit silently and be entertained by their endless antics.


No vehicles are involved in your walking safari, and this, along with David Foot’s working in partnership with the local community, guarantees a genuinely environmentally-friendly safari. The safaris are also very flexible which allows your days to be dictated by the movement of the game rather than by the time.

"Exploring this water wilderness on foot is exhilarating, in particular the first encounter with elephants – an incredible experience very different than viewing from a vehicle." - David Foot


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