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Walking Safaris Africa

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Walking Safaris in Africa offer the modern day traveller one of the best ways of discovering the continent and its wildlife - on foot!

For those that come from Africa and are lucky enough to have done very many safaris, walking then becomes the prime way of exploring the bush and all it has to offer! This doesn't mean that you dont have the opportunity to see wildlife by vehicle too, because the two can be combined.

However, countries like Kenya, Tanzania and Zambia offer five day (or less!) walking safaris which are simply fabulous and its a great way to learn about the bush. One also feels far more in tune and more alive - as one is more conscious and aware of everything occurring around oneself.

Learn so much more on foot - such as the medicinal properties of trees and plants, the birdlife as well as identifying footprints ahead of you - which direction the wildlife is moving in - and perhaps if it is dragging its quarry with it.

Learn about the smaller insects and those that emit cyanide and how the dung beetle and the termites are intricately involved in the ecological success of the environment. There is no noise or other pollution, and one has the opportunity to absorb one's surroundings at a gentle pace, with a fantastic, professional guide.

The accommodation is tented, from luxury camps to fly camps and all you have to carry is a pair of binoculars, arriving at your camp and being presented with a cold drink of your choice in your hand!