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Responsible tourism through Philanthropy Plus

The Explorations Company have launched a charitable foundation, called Philanthropy Plus, whereby our clients, by way of a donation, can then visit the regions we support and see the direct impact their contribution has made. For us, this really is the most rewarding of all travel experiences.

What are its aims?

This is for committed philanthropists that want to witness their investments at work in real-life situations. Donor travel is deeply moving, can upset idealism but ultimately brings people closer to the issues and communities that they care about. It also deepens sustainable investment and strengthens the connection between travellers and community organizations. Why have The Explorations Company set it up? Nicola Shepherd, founder of TEC started her company 30 years ago with the overwhelming desire to put back funds into initially Africa and then to other third world continents in which the company operates. Although born in India, she was raised in Africa and these two continents have long held a great passion and interest for her and by being a conduit, she can direct meaningful assistance to the preservation of wildlife on these continents for future generations to enjoy.

Travel's new philanthropists

By Francisca Kellett - 27th June 2019

The Explorations Company were honoured to be featured in National Geographic's article focussing on philanthropists using travel to do great things for conservation around the world.

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Do-Good Adventures That Will Change Your Life

By Jackie Caradonio - 8th October 2018

These philanthropic travel experiences are sending donors on unforgettable journeys. Nicola Shepherd won’t take you on safari unless you’re willing to work for it. The founder of the UK’s Explorations Company has been organizing travel to Africa for nearly ...

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The Explorations Company are supporting Sand Dams Worldwide in building Sand Dams in Dry-lands

The Explorations Company are supporting Sand Dams Worldwide in transforming lives and habitats for local communities and wildlife. Here is how sand dams work and their potential impact in the world's dry-lands.

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Philanthropy Plus charities supported in Africa

Philanthropy Plus charities supported in Asia

Climate Change

Without doubt, climate change is altering the face of the planet and the world within which we live. One simply has to look around us, to see that oceans and rivers are becoming substantially warmer and having a knock on effect for the organisms living within it.

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Environmental Effects

Effects that scientists had predicted in the past would result from global climate change are now occurring: loss of sea ice, accelerated sea level rise and longer, more intense heat waves. The Arctic Ocean is expected to become essentially ice free in summer before mid-century.

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Endangered Species

To make matters worse, research contradicts the long-held hypothesis that different species coexisting in a particular ecosystem respond to global warming as a single entity. Instead, different species within the same habitat are responding in dissimilar ways, tearing apart ecological communities’ millennia in the making.

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Human Wildlife Conflicts

Human-wildlife conflict has the greatest impact within agricultural regions where human population growth begins to encroach on the territory of wildlife.

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Wildlife Poaching

Poaching naturally is another huge threat; with the reduction of 50% in the lion population and with the loss of 86 elephant per day in Africa and three rhino per day; this is naturally unsustainable and we are faced with the stark reality that if we do not stem this flow to countries such as China, Korea and Vietnam, that the only opportunity of seeing these species in 35 year’s time, will be in some form of sanctuary.

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Travel Philanthropy

In an age of increasing awareness of world issues and global needs, there has been a recent surge in travel philanthropy or, more simply put, using travel as a means to give back. Philanthropic travel is becoming more popular because people are becoming more eager to reconnect with humanity. Travel Philanthropy is about supporting the areas we visit and promoting them in a sustainable, positive manner, resulting in a mutually beneficial and rewarding experience.

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Meet the Team

Assisting philanthropic conservation and community projects requires dedicated, collaborative, innovative, thoughtful, and experienced input. Philanthropy Plus has a dynamic team of trustees, working above and beyond their already demanding day to day roles to advance the goals of Philanthropy Plus.

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Terms and Conditions

We love exploring as it broadens our minds and which is why a business like ours should never stand still so welcome to our latest e-Brochure. You can simply flick through it here, print it or if you prefer, download it as a PDF and view at your leisure at a more convenient time.

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Conservation in Action

How is conservation-led tourism helping to protect the endangered Snow Leopard?

With a high altitude desert dominated by rugged snow-capped mountains and deep turquoise lakes, Ladakh is one of the most picturesque places on earth. It is the home of the “Ghost of the Himalaya”, the enigmatic snow leopard, and is considered to be the best p…

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How does the ABC Foundation integrate safari holidays with conservation and community support?

How can you surpass an ‘ordinary’ safari, and elevate your holiday to the ‘extraordinary’? In my opinion, the best way to do this is to ensure that every camp or lodge that you stay in directly acts to support local communities and conservation.

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New Eco-Friendly conservation ship to be launched in the Galápagos in 2022

If you have the Galápagos Islands on your travel bucket list, you can be one of the first to book an amazing experience on a new eco-friendly conservation ship that is planned for launch in 2022.

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How has Zakouma in Chad become a 'sustainable travel' success story?

For the experienced, adventurous traveller, always on the lookout for something new, here is the perfect journey incorporating the finest wildlife in a pristine environment with nomadic tribes of the Sahara, geological wonders, vast desert dunes and monoliths,…

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Why have The Explorations Company become a stakeholder of the Lion Recovery Fund operating in Namibia?

Life for any desert adapted species in Namibia is harsh due to the relentless, barren terrain. But for an apex predator such as a lion, this is increasingly difficult as they reside in harsh, low prey areas with little water.

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How is the Mara Elephant Project protecting elephants in Kenya?

The Mara Elephant Project, situated in the world-renowned Maasai Mara Game reserve in southern Kenya, is a charity very close to my heart. I highly recommend supporting them, particularly if you are taking a safari to Kenya yourself.

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How are Sand Dams Worldwide transforming lives in rural Africa?

Lack of accessible water is a major problem for much of the developing world. Sand Dams Worldwide (previously Excellent Development) support rural dryland communities to build sand dams, with long-term positive effects for communities - and wildlife.

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Collaring Lion and Elephant in Tanzania’s Saadani National Park

The lion population in Africa overall has declined by 43% in the last twenty years. The good news is that 50% of the lion population in Africa occurs in Tanzania!

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Where in Africa can you go on a wildlife conservation rhino darting safari?

You really should move heaven and earth to see the remarkable rhinos in the wild before it's too late! The rhino population unhappily declines by three every single day.

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Why was the Illegal Wildlife Trade Conference so important for conservation?

The illegal wildlife trade is the fourth largest criminal activity in the world, whose actions impact not only the natural resources of each individual country but also the direct livelihood of local communities. Nearly 7000 species, and therefore their fragil…

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Why is Namibia the Best Country for Conservation Safaris?

When one talks about conservation-led safaris, few countries in Africa can compare to Namibia. Here you can be involved in conservation of desert lion, elephant, cheetah, leopard and black rhino, collaring and tracking with researchers.

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This Wild Life BBC2 - Save the Elephant, Samburu Game Reserve, Kenya

Probably acknowledged as the finest elephant charity in Africa, Save The Elephant is one of the most impressive, proactive, worthwhile charitable initiatives in Kenya. What is even better is that one can stay at the simply gorgeous Elephant Watch Camp which be…

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Why Should you Experience Lewa's Conservation Success First Hand?

Set amidst stunning savannah in the wilds of northern Kenya, the Lewa Wildlife Conservancy is East Africa's pioneer conservation success story.

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How is Ruaha, Tanzania Conserving the Lion Population?

Having visited Ruaha National Park at the end of last year, I was reminded what a wildlife haven this park is, to the exclusion of many other parks in Africa!

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How can my safari to Africa contribute to conservation and communities?

Travellers are now beginning to seek more from their experiences, when on safaris or on holiday. No longer content with simply visiting a lovely place and then leaving it without a trace or any positive effect, but rather enriching these regions from their pre…

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Why do Conservation Safaris to Africa make a difference?

I have the good fortune of being able to spend much of my time in Africa with the emphasis on understanding the various conservation and community projects in the region.

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What makes a Giraffe Collaring Conservation Safari to Namibia a once in a lifetime experience?

If you are looking for a truly once in a lifetime safari experience then this special opportunity Collaring Giraffe in Namibia, with the world authority on giraffe, Dr Julian Fennessy is simply not to be missed.

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Where in Tanzania can you participate in elephant collaring as part of a unique conservation safari experience?

Tanzania offers some stunning experiences for conservation – from elephant and lion collaring in the beautiful and unusual Saadani National Park on the Tanzanian coastline, to Lake Manyara conservancy in northern Tanzania.

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Why are wildlife collarings so vital for conservation in Africa?

Wildlife collarings are being used by many charitable organizations across Africa to assist in conservation of endangered and precious species. You can now, as I recently did, combine your safari with funding and supporting these charities and becoming directl…

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Discover how Liuwa Plains in Zambia is setting new standards for 'Sustainable Tourism'

When one talks about sustainable travel achieving a low impact on a national park or area of natural importance, one park that defines this is the Liuwa Plains in the far western side of Zambia. Roughly the size of Wales, the park has only one tourism lodge (T…

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Pangolins are so adorable, so why are they on the most endangered list?

Most people don’t know what a pangolin is, so while the illegal poaching of elephants, rhinos and tigers regularly makes headlines, this rare, odd creature, which is quickly becoming one of the most imperiled and trafficked mammals on the planet, gets little l…

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How can you assist conservation by staying at Tongole Wilderness Lodge in Malawi?

What is it that draws you back to Africa? Is it the wide open spaces, the relaxed feel, the massive grin on your face when returning to a continent that you love?

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A collection of value added and thought provoking philanthropic safaris and vacations

New Adventures and New Offerings from The Explorations Company. The company have created their first ever annual ‘January Collection’.

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You can help save the Rhino on this conservation safari

Kwandwe in South Africa, currently supports a healthy, increasing population of rhino and notably of the highly endangered black rhino since its successful introduction to the reserve in 2000.

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Why does Travel Philanthropy play such an important role within The Explorations Company?

The Explorations Company has always been involved in philanthropy and in particular Philanthropic Travel, supporting deserving, usually small, “sharp-end” conservation and community projects since our inception in 1989.

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How can you become part of the amazing 'Rhinos Without Borders' conservation programme in Africa?

As the rhino population unhappily declines by three every single day, you really should move heaven and earth to see this remarkable creature in the wild before it's too late.

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How are Conservation Safaris to Africa adding another dimension to normal game drives?

For many who travel to Africa, seeing the wild animals and the open plains is especially exciting, particularly if they have saved up for this once in a life time safari.

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How has the Black Rhino been re-introduced into Rwanda after over 10 Years?

Last seen in Rwanda 10 years ago, Black rhino have returned to Rwanda’s Akagera National Park.

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Why are so many primate species endangered?

Gibbons, lemurs, orangutans, chimpanzees, and gorillas all are endangered primate species, in fact almost all primates are now threatened and around 300 species face extinction in the next 30 years.

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Why is Malagarasi in Tanzania an Eden for 'Sustainable Tourism?

I recently spent a month in Tanzania where I had the luxury and privilege of experiencing Malagarasi – Tanzania’s perfect Eden, where the owners have been conserving wildlife and working with locals using sustainable travel, in a labour of love.

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How responsible safari holidays can help Africa’s declining elephant population

Three quarters of Africa’s elephant population is declining – how can we help? By supporting institutions and charities which fight against poaching when we travel to Africa. Here is a chance to experience responsible tourism – as well as having close encounte…

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Rhino conservation Safari in South Africa

This is the most wonderful thing to do as a family or with a group of friends or just as a couple! There is a fabulous owner managed lodge in South Africa, owned and managed by Ant Baber and his wife, Tess. Apart from being in the most beautiful area – framed…

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Lion Safaris in Africa

For those seeking something much deeper in terms of understanding and who would like to contribute towards the monitoring and ultimately, the survival of the African lion in Kenya, this is an experience which we can specially provide for clients of the Explora…

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