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Luxury living - Jet off to a private island resort in Africa and the Indian Ocean

There may not be pirates’ treasure of gold coins and purloined diamonds buried on Africa’s islands but that does not matter because they can unlock even greater personal riches - the satisfaction of fulfilling a life-long dream and the quiet thrill of ticking off one of your biggest bucket list adventures. What is your idea of the perfect holiday destination? A 5-star hotel in one of the best countries in the world is not a bad way to spend a holiday, but now picture yourself on a private island, just you and your family. Imagine how great it would be to share an island with the people you want around you, with every other person on the island being a member of staff ready to meet any of your every need and striving to make your stay on the island an unforgettable experience. How great would that be?

If you crave an exclusive and secluded holiday, staying on a private island is the epitome of luxury travel. Offering peace, world class service and unspoiled nature, private islands offer an exceptional experience for the elite. As one of the most luxurious getaways available. Most of the luxurious private islands in the world share the qualities of having beautiful sandy beaches, wonderfully furnished villas, unlimited access to all sorts of water sports, superior relaxation facilities, and the peace and quiet that one cannot find anywhere else in the world. Many of the world's millionaires and billionaires either own private islands or rent entire islands where they go to spend their holidays with their loved ones. Renting an island is far more expensive than booking a hotel room, but you cannot compare the luxury, the privacy, and the serenity of a private island to the hotel room experience. Promising pure luxury, nothing compares to private island holidays, here is a selection of the most luxurious private islands in Africa and the Indian Ocean, places that you should consider spending one of your holidays.

Luxury Holidays and Vacations By Private Executive Jet

Open up to a world of Private Jet Travel as it may surprise you to know that in many instances it can cost less than flying first class on scheduled flights or even less than the costs of business class if flying short haul. Our personalised Custom Executive Jet journeys are created from scratch by our team of experienced travel consultants, for individuals, families or a group of friends wishing to travel together.

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World Tour Expertly Curated Private Executive Jet Holidays and Safaris

These ultra-luxury tours can take you around the world in a private executive jet. There’s luxury travel and then there’s super-luxury travel, and by any measure, touring the world on a private executive jet with your family or group of friends, falls into the “ultra-luxury” category.

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