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Travelling by boat allows one flexibility, privacy and exclusivity


Indonesia is such a beautiful, heady region in Asia and there can be little better way than exploring it by boat. Travelling by boat allows one flexibility, privacy and exclusivity. The joy is that this boat is perfectly designed with one cabin for just two people, which is a rare beast! Alexa is truly one-of-a-kind; the only sailing yacht in Indonesia designed for just two guests.

Owned and designed by a renowned interior designer from Moscow, Alexa combines its original Phinisi charm with contemporary luxury, offering complete privacy and undeniable style. It’s an ideal choice for a romantic escape or a special honeymoon around Indonesia's biodiversity-rich waters.

How large is the boat?

The boat is 31 metres long and comes with 7 crew members for just two passengers.  It includes a private chef who cooks the most incredible, light, delectable meals, focusing on the catch of the day, generally crustacea or fish, but the menu is utterly flexible and he will cook whatever you wish to eat! There is also a spa therapist who is up to date with all the latest treatments to ensure you have a wonderful, relaxing experience!

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Then there is also a dive guide who will reveal the open water to you. The generous living areas are filled with contemporary classical and antique art. Silk rugs and primitive sculptures have been collected from the local regions. There is also an ‘Under the Stars’ sleeping area. The master cabin has an en suite bathroom and a private balcony. There is a library and bar area, a dining and sitting room and a tv lounge and also a navigation room and an open-air lounge. On the upper deck, there is an open-air dining room and sun loungers.

Where can one travel to?

Specific places which Alexa can travel to includes Komodo National Park. Komodo National Park includes three islands: Komodo, Rinca and Padar as well as numerous smaller islands. As well as being home to the Komodo dragon, the world’s largest lizard, it is also home to a number of other terrestrial species. Komodo is also one of the world’s richest marine environments.  

It contains over 260 species of reef-building coral, 70 different species of sponges, crustaceans and cartilaginous species such as manta rays and reef sharks.  Also included in the ecosphere is 1000 species of bony fishes, as well as marine reptiles (including sea turtles) and sea mammals (dolphins and whales and dugongs). The Komodo National Park lies within the Wallacea region of Indonesia and is identified by Conservation International and WWF as a global conservation priority area. It has also been declared a UNESCO heritage site.

Other areas of interest include Flores, Raja Ampat, Sumbawa and Sulawesi Marine biologists consider Eastern Indonesia to be the world’s epicentre of marine life, with Raja Ampat offering the greatest diversity of all, with 1223 species of coral reef fish, 565 hard corals and 700 molluscs all having been recorded in this area. The reefs of Raja Ampat have hundreds of brilliantly coloured hard and soft corals. The marine topography varies from vertical walls to pinnacles to reef flats and underwater ridges. Get up close to huge manta rays and giant clams, perhaps observe schools of barracuda and watch tiny pygmy sea horses or epaulette sharks. The group of 610 mostly inhabited islands offer some of the very best diving in the world. Swimming at Raja Ampat is like swimming in a tropical aquarium!

The island of Sumbawa Besar consists of volcanic ridges, sheltered bays and jungle peninsulas. Sumbawa has pristine white beaches which offer incredible surfing opportunities. There are several lesser-known diving spots along the coast, with many more to be discovered.

The island of Moyo floats atop azure seas just north of Sumbawa Besar. Most of the island and its rich coral reefs off-shore form a nature reserve laced with waterfalls, hiking trails and offering some of the best diving within Komodo National Park.

To the east of Flores lies the Alor archipelago. Alor is made up of 20 pristine islands, renowned for its world-class diving, abundant fish life and scenic underwater rock formations. The main attractions are the migrating, seasonal unique underwater creatures such as the Mola Mola (sunfish), Thresher sharks and many more.

Venture deep within the countryside and explore the various different, friendly, authentic and traditional tribes that inhabit this island. A place where time seems to have stopped still.

What can one do?

Apart from world-class scuba diving and snorkelling, there is also a Holistic master who can teach you yoga and meditation as well as a lifestyle coach, should you be interested. The days will be spent exploring the ocean in whichever way you wish, as well as the local islands.  Unique tribal cultures are still maintaining their centuries-old traditions and rituals. Explore the depths of both sea and land. Hunt for antiques. Encounter whales and observe komodo dragons. Have picnic lunches of grilled lobster and champagne on deserted islands. Take part in mystical, ancient ceremonies. Swim in the ocean.

When is the best time to travel?

The best time to travel to Indonesia is between April and October.

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