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Your invitation to our hand-picked private luxury Villas and Houses

Private Villas, safari camps and houses are dotted all over Asia, and offer the ultimate in exclusive luxury holidays for your family or group – a luxury villa can often be more economical for your family or group of friends, and certainly offers a higher level of privacy, flexibility and enjoyment. Our range of properties are all hand-picked and provide a wealth of choice – whether you are looking for a family holiday, cultural break, organising a special event or wanting to incorporate flying, yachting, fishing, horse-riding or more sporting activities into your stay. All properties are beautifully designed, furnished to the highest standards, family friendly and offer a range of customised services to enable you and your guests to fully relax. Let our experienced Asia specialist concierge service expertly guide you through the many choices and create your perfect holiday to Asia.


What are the top 10 travel films for 2020/21? Our experts' guide

Films and documentaries can always be relied upon to visually and emotionally transport us to the most fascinating regions of the world. From intimate insights into wildlife species’ behaviour to colourful imaginings of stories and events, here are some fil...

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Which top 10 travel books have our in-house experts picked for your reading pleasure?

Emily Dickinson said “There is no frigate like a book to take us lands away”. At times when I am unable to travel in person, I indulge in reading and allow my imagination to provide the escapism that many of us crave.

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Where are Sri Lanka’s best wildlife safari destinations?

I recently had the privilege of chatting to one of Sri Lanka’s finest wildlife experts, Ramani Jayewardene, about her views on wildlife conservation in the country and the role and future of sustainable tourism.

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Where are Sri Lanka's top three summer holiday destinations?

A family holiday to Sri Lanka during the ‘secret season’ of July could be just the opportunity you need for your family to spend quality time together and explore this diverse country which is full of hidden gems.

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How does sustainable tourism help support wildlife conservation and local communities?

‘Luxury travel’ has a new meaning. It’s not about the thread count of the bed sheets or the sparkle of the crystal anymore. The true luxury of travel is to have phenomenal experiences that you will remember forever, whilst supporting conservation and commun...

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Where are India's best kept secret holiday destinations?

Think culture and it is hard not to think of India. With a vast population of more than a billion, spread across 29 different states, speaking 22 different languages with over 720 dialects, India is truly beguiling and multicultural.

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