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Why is Zimbabwe one of the best places in Africa for a bespoke Horse Riding Safari?

If you are a nature lover like me and keen to get close to the amazing wildlife spectacle that is Africa, there can be no better way than on a horse back safari. A 4×4 may be fast and efficient, but the animals hear you coming and can disappear into the bus...

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Myanmar (Burma) – Asia’s Forgotten Land, Beautiful & Mysterious – Discover why you will fall in love with this country

From opening its doors to tourism just a handful of years ago, Myanmar (Burma) is slowly becoming a highly desirable destination for its charming landscapes and friendly people without being surrounded by throngs of tourists.

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What makes Japan the ideal family-friendly destination you’ve never probably thought of?

An important consideration when planning a family friendly holiday is variety and if you are anything like us, as parents you strive to make family holidays as interesting, fun and meaningful as possible with immersive experiences that can be enjoyed together.

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Malawi - Tongole Nkotakota Reserve - lodge from the river.jpg

How can you assist conservation by staying at Tongole Wilderness Lodge in Malawi?

What is it that draws you back to Africa? Is it the wide open spaces, the relaxed feel, the massive grin on your face when returning to a continent that you love?

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India - Reni Pani Jungle Lodge - Satpura National Park - Muggar Crocodile.jpg

How does Reni Pani Jungle Lodge combine an authentic Indian wildlife experience, new levels of luxury and responsible tourism?

In Central India, a particular favourite of mine is Reni Pani Jungle Lodge in Satpura National Park (Madhya Pradesh) for the experiences that they offer in terms of wildlife but also for what they are investing in the local community.

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Kenya’s Laikipia region with the Laikipia Predator Project 10.jpg

Conservation Safaris to Africa – where your adventures make a difference

I have the good fortune of being able to spend much of my time in Africa with the emphasis on understanding the various conservation and community projects in the region.

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1 Okonjima Plains Camp - Namibia.jpg

What makes a Giraffe Collaring Conservation Safari to Namibia a once in a lifetime experience?

If you are looking for a truly once in a lifetime safari experience then this special opportunity Collaring Giraffe in Namibia, with the world authority on giraffe, Dr Julian Fennessy is simply not to be missed.

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Saadani National Park - Elephants.jpg

Where in Tanzania can you participate in elephant collaring as part of a unique conservation safari experience?

Tanzania offers some stunning experiences for conservation – from elephant and lion collaring in the beautiful and unusual Saadani National Park on the Tanzanian coastline, to Lake Manyara conservancy in northern Tanzania.

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Kenya Lion Naughty little cubs.jpg

A collection of value added and thought provoking philanthropic safaris and vacations

New Adventures and New Offerings from The Explorations Company. The company have created their first ever annual ‘January Collection’.

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2 Kenya - Grévy's, Imperial Zebra and Acacia.jpg

Why are Kenya and Ethiopia the only places you can see the Grévy's zebra in the wild?

Every year at the end of January we celebrate International Zebra Day. Did you know that one of the species is on the SERIOUSLY ENDANGERED LIST?

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2. KWANDWE Great Fish River Lodge - main deck.jpg

You can help save the Rhino on this conservation safari

Kwandwe in South Africa, currently supports a healthy, increasing population of rhino and notably of the highly endangered black rhino since its successful introduction to the reserve in 2000.

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Bhutan - Tiger's Nest 1.jpg

Why is Bhutan called 'Land of the Thunder Dragon'

The Druk is the "Thunder Dragon" of Tibetan and Bhutanese mythology and a Bhutanese national symbol. A druk appears on the flag of Bhutan, holding jewels to represent wealth. In Dzongkha, Bhutan is called Druk Yul "Land of Druk", and Bhutanese leaders are c...

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Japan -Edo-Tokyo museum plaza panorama modern city cultural landmark - 1.jpg

An insider’s tour of Japan exploring its Art and Architecture

Japan is a treasure trove of art and architecture. It is a society with great sensitivity to creativity and beauty and these inherent values shine throughout the culture.

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amboseli-school-visit - Africa.jpg

Why does Travel Philanthropy play such an important role within The Explorations Company?

The Explorations Company has always been involved in philanthropy and in particular Philanthropic Travel, supporting deserving, usually small, “sharp-end” conservation and community projects since our inception in 1989.

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Africa - gorilla-safaris-and-trekking-lead.jpg

Gorilla Trekking in Rwanda, Uganda & Congo - Everything you need to know

For many people, a gorilla trek often comes second on travel Bucket Lists to a classic big game drive in the Serengeti, Masai Mara or Okavango Delta, which is understandable – as getting to the gorillas takes more effort, more time and a bit more expense th...

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Asia - endangered - snow leopards 1.jpg

What are Asia's most endangered species?

World Wildlife Conservation Day on December the 4th raises awareness of the troubles many well-loved endangered species face in their fight for survival. Many issues are due to human conflicts and this is just as true in Asia as in the rest of the world.

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India Tiger Safaris.jpg

Davina Roberts shares her 5 favourite travel books

For those who love to travel the next best thing other than actually getting on a plane is to journey through the pages of a book set in lands afar and dream of one’s next adventure. My favourite books are varied and all, in my mind, travel inspirational.

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Luxury Africa travel expert Nicola Shepherd shares her top 5 must read iconic and contemporary books

I confess, that I invariably think that the old ones are always the best! They capture that spirit of yesteryear but more importantly, when life was more spontaneous, gregarious, people took more risks and large tracts of the African continent lay unexplore...

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34 - Walking with Lions.jpg

Anthea Graham shares her top 5 Africa travel books

The thought of having time over the winter months to tuck up by a fire and read is so compelling - and if one is planning a trip to Africa, then what better than to get deep under the skin of a place. Here are a few of my must reads!

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5 top Africa travel books shared by Kate Pirie

It is always good to do some background reading of a country or land you are about to travel to. There are many wonderful and inspirational books on Africa to consider and here are just a few of my favourite reads.

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The master statue of Shaolin Kung Fu at Shaolin Temple in Dengfeng.jpg

Chinmay Vasavada shares his 5 top Asia travel books

Books can greatly enhance one’s travels. They have the ability to ignite the imagination and broaden perspectives, which in turn makes the journeys more unique and meaningful.

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South AMerica - Andes Lodges - Trekker and Mariposa Glacier.jpg

Louise Mumford shares her 5 favourite travel books on Latin America & the Polar Regions

Latin America is a wildly fascinating continent of magnificent colour, drama, history and diversity. There are so many wonderful reads from magical poetry and fiction to sophisticated and complex biographies and iconic travelogues.

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Cheetah Sibella Samara Game Reserve South Africa.jpg

What are Albee Yeend’s 5 favourite Africa travel books?

You really are spoilt for choice with so many fabulous books on Africa, but these are five of my favourite ones. Most of them will either inspire you to visit Africa or give you a greater understanding of the history of Africa and some of its past struggles.

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What is the best way to explore the Galapagos Islands in Style?

Making a top list of the world’s best destinations for wildlife is almost impossible or, at least, very contentious, as it is so subjective.

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Helicopter over Iguazu Falls Argentina.jpg

The opening of luxury lodge Awasi Iguazu, at Iguazu Falls in Argentina

There is nothing small scale about the magnificent waterfalls that straddle the border between Argentina and Brazil in South America. Called Iguazu or Iguaçu Falls depending on what side of the border you are, these dramatic falls reputedly and famously imp...

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Stone lions in front of Catedral de Lee -  Nicaragua.jpg

Why should you consider a Nicaragua holiday tailor made to your requirements?

Nicaragua has rather stolen my heart with its mix of history both old and new, some breath-taking scenery and totally unspoilt coastlines bordering two oceans.

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Africa - Cheetah - two Cheetahs observing prey.jpg

What can you do on International Cheetah Day?

Every year on December 4th we focus on ‘International Cheetah Day’ which highlights the struggle that Africa’s most endangered big cat faces to survive.

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Africa - Kenya - Matthews Range - camels.jpg

Sarara camp in Kenya – for a luxury tented safari experience

If you are looking for a luxury safari experience then you will absolutely enjoy Sarara Camp in Kenya, as it is one of Africa’s most inspiring and beautiful camps.

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Nubian people.jpg

Is it safe to take a holiday to Sudan – yes absolutely!

Many friends asked before I left for my holiday to Sudan, was it safe? I have to say that having travelled to over 15 countries in Africa, I can honestly say that the Sudanese people are the most friendly and hospitable people that I have ever come across.

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Mongolia - Landscape.jpg

What is the best way to enjoy the unique and untouched landscapes of wild Mongolia?

There are few places that encapsulate the essence of nomadic lifestyle as Mongolia does. This is still a country that has relatively little tourism and has a real edge of authenticity about it even in the more populated areas.

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