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How can you enjoy privileged access to experience China’s out of bounds locations?

Chinmay Vasavada By Chinmay Vasavada
05 Sep 2018
China - Potala Palace perched on a hill in Tibet

Regarded as one of the cradles of civilisation, China is one of the most mystifying travel destinations in Asia. It offers so much for anyone interested in history, architecture, breath-taking scenery, incredible art work, culture, trekking, river cruising and of course food!

  • Chinese Peking Duck Food

Travelling in China is remarkably easy and efficient thanks to the excellent and extensive networks of high speed trains, world-class roads and domestic and regional flights. This along with direct access from across the globe has turned China into one of the biggest travel destinations for domestic, regional as well as international travellers.


  • China - Privileged access - Chonghua Palace, located within the Forbidden City

How can you get under the skin and discover real China?

For ardent travellers, it’s becoming increasingly challenging and necessary to find authentic experiences to get under the skin and discover real China. Why be one of the millions when you can enjoy privileged access to experience this fascinating country beyond the ordinary?

 - Feel like royalty by having exclusive access to Chonghua Palace in the Forbidden City in Beijing, which used to be the mighty Emperor Qianlong’s childhood playground.

 - Visit out of bounds areas of the historic Mogao Caves on a private tour led by an expert archaeologist to learn about the finest examples of Buddhist art spanning a period of 1,000 years.


  • China - Beijing - Great Wall

 - Enjoy a private audience and learn to meditate with a senior monk at Songzanlin Monastery in Shangri-La, the largest Tibetan Buddhist monastery in mainland China.

 - Discover Shanghai’s little known Jewish heritage with a renowned documentary filmmaker and journalist.

 - Explore Tibet off-the-beaten-track on a private luxury camping trip.

 - Enjoy trekking and horse riding in remote areas of Yunnan province to discover fascinating ethnic-minority villages and breath-taking scenery of China’s hidden Himalayas.

 - Enjoy exclusive backstage access at the famous Sichuan Opera in Chengdu.


  • China - Naxi Women carrying crops in traditional baskets in the Himalayas
  • China - Master of Nets Garden Suzhou - Shanghai

 - Spend time with pandas in their natural habitat or trek in the forest with an expert conservationist in search of China’s endangered wildlife including the Giant Panda, Sichuan Golden Snub-nosed Monkey or Guizhou Golden Monkey.

 - Enjoy a VIP view of the Terracotta Warriors from an exclusive viewing deck and learn about their fascinating history from an expert archaeologist.

 - Meet with renowned artists in Beijing and Shanghai and view their private collection.

 - Enjoy an exclusive champagne breakfast in the remote parts of the Great Wall.

 - Be the guest of honour at special cultural performances organised by remote ethnic-minority communities.

 - Witness the traditional martial arts and enjoy a private lesson at the 1,500-year old Shaolin Temple.


  • China - Sichuan Opera - performer in colourful dress and mask
  • Sichuan Opera - China

What is the real China?

China is a land of paradoxes where in one corner you could witness centuries-old historic remnants and in the other the most advanced industries, ground-breaking modern art and trendiest culinary delights, all achieved within the boundaries imposed by the administration.

Today’s modern empire embodies the Chinese philosophy of yin and yang wherein the traditional and contemporary forces within the society are interconnected, interdependent and even complementary at a certain level.


  • China - Private Tiaji class in the Temple of Heaven

The current administration’s imperialistic ambitions coupled with people’s entrepreneurial prowess have propelled China into one of the fastest growing economies and a global super power.

It is one of the rare developing nations that can build its own submarines, trains and aircrafts, and has managed to eradicate food and education related problems. Its fast-growing infrastructure can easily outshine many first-world countries.


  • China - Shanghai Museum - vase
  • Shanghai Museum - China - statues

Where can you stay on a holiday to China?

All these fascinating off-the-beaten-track experiences can be enjoyed without compromising on creature comforts, as China boasts some of the finest accommodation in the world.

From legendary period hotels to uber-trendy boutique hotels, traditional accommodation to sprawling retreats and resorts, with unique features such as a secret access to a world-famous monument allowing after-hours visits to the guests, private museum, China’s oldest jazz club, unparalleled views and preservation and promotion of local arts & crafts; the choice is overwhelming and again it is essential to have the right guidance to be able to pick the places that suit your requirements.


  • Panda in a tree

Don't just experience the frills and opulence of China, join the privileged few to experience the exclusive China. It will leave you enthralled and mesmerised for years to come! Contact me here for more information about fantastic out-of-bounds experiences in  China.


  • Tibet Landscape

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