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Where are the best volcano hiking holiday experiences in Indonesia?

Indonesia is a remarkable country which sits on the Pacific Ring of Fire and houses the largest number and density of volcanoes of any country in the world. With this comes stunning scenery and fantastic volcano hiking opportunities!

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Find out how holidays to Borneo are helping to conserve the rainforest and wildlife

When one thinks of the island of Borneo one most likely thinks first of verdant rainforests and the endangered orangutan, which faces complex challenges to its survival. Your holiday to this fantastic island can help to conserve the many unique and threaten...

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Why is Indonesia a great destination for active family holidays?

Families are always looking for unique adventures to make the travel experience active and fun for the whole family. ‘Fly and flop’ holidays are a thing of the past as families look for ways to turn their holidays more educational, healthy and exciting.

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Why is Nihi Sumba Island the best luxury resort in Indonesia?

My family spent a magical holiday in Sumba last year, where we escaped reality on this mystical island of spirits and horses, barely changed by human habitation.

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