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Ndomo House, Kaya Mawa, Malawi

The island features stunning white sandy beaches, lush vegetation, Baobab tree forests and Mango trees. Likoma is inhabited by approx. 9000 people, who will provide you with the warmest welcome, as you stroll through the villages. Upon arrival on the islands airstrip, you will experience the warmest welcome by the friendly people in the local communities.

Despite its small size, Likoma Island in Malawi, features St Peters cathedral, one of the largest churches in Africa.

Voted in the top ten 'Most Romantic Places in the World' by Conde Nast and in the Tatler top 101 Hotels in the World, most recently voted ‘Most romantic safari property’ by the Safari Awards and voted Best Beach Property in Africa in the Good Safari Awards. From the pristine white sandy beach, the stunning lodge is blended in with nature and the staff recruited from the local community, there is literally nowhere else like it…..

Likoma Island is the larger of two inhabited islands on Lake Malawi, one of Africa’s largest lakes. It is also one of the deepest lakes in the world and is the most diverse fresh water eco system on the planet as well as harbouring an estimated 1000+ fish species.

Where is Kaya Mawa located?

Situated on the stunning Likoma Island in the middle of Lake Malawi, set in the warm heart of Africa. Kaya Mawa, meaning Maybe Tomorrow, offers the ultimate beach destination in Africa, as an amazing escape in itself, before or after your safari elsewhere for complete relaxation and indulgence, or to enjoy a variety of unique water-sports.

What sort of accommodation is available at Ndomo House Kaya Mama?

Ndomo House has 4 bedrooms, three of which have their own bathrooms. The other has a bathroom located just outside the door. The house accommodates 8 people with access to your own private beach, kitchen and large living area. Your own plunge pool for the lazy days when the lake seems too far away.

Three large terraces, courtyard, outside dining and barbecue area, swimming pool and secluded beach. The house is fully staffed with a house manager, nanny, chefs, housekeepers, and watchmen.

The house is located on the South West corner of the island with uninterrupted views across to the neighbouring island. A year round sunset is a secret surprise, the only place on the island and as far as we know, the only place on the lake.

When is the best time to visit Kaya Mawa Island?

  • May: lovely clear blue skies, the rains have mostly finished. The lake is full and temperatures are around 28 degrees.
  • June - August: The coolest season. There is a prevailing wind that blows through for a few days at a time keeping temperatures down to 20-25 degrees in the day and as low as 16 at night. The mornings tend to be calm and then by midday the wind picks up occasionally producing a swell not much different from the sea.
  • September - December: It slowly warms up to up to about 35 degrees, the water reaching 20+ degrees. Clear blue skies during the day and starry nights.
  • December - April: This is the rainy season although it doesn't tend to rain much during the days. The rain normally starts around 9 at night and stops by 5 in the morning, no guarantees though. The temperature is cooler than November as the evening showers cool down the land. Temperatures during the day reach about 30 degrees with medium humidity.


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