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Snow Leopard Lodge in Ladakh, India

A unique and immersive wildlife experience in one of Ladakh’s finest snow leopard habitats. The quiet village of Ulley is relatively free of tourists and you may be lucky enough to spot wildlife such as ibex, Himalayan fox, wolf and even snow leopard from the lodge. The Snow Leopard Lodge is the only dedicated wildlife lodge in Ladakh, opening originally as a homestay owned by one of Ladakh’s top snow leopard trackers, Tchewang Norbu, as part of a program initiated by the Snow Leopard Conservancy designed to use tourism as a conservation tool for the preservation of snow leopards and their ecosystem by putting revenue directly into the local community. The lodge is located in the seven-home hamlet of Ulley in West Ladakh, at an altitude of nearly 4000m (13,000 feet), surrounded by high summer pastures. This is prime ibex country and an area that has quickly gained a reputation not just for the high numbers of snow leopards but as one of the best areas to see Tibetan wolf, red fox, Himalayan brown bear, bearded and Himalayan griffon vultures and golden eagles. Snow leopard tracking with a team of expert spotters is for the snowy winter months (November to May) but the lodge is also open in the summer from which to enjoy not just the stunning high-altitude fauna and wild flowers of Ladakh on foot.