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What advice and help are The Explorations Company providing during the Coronavirus (COVID 19) Pandemic? – Please watch this Video!

We understand that the Coronavirus (COVID19) Pandemic has caused immense concern and anxiety. These are uncharted waters and we want to reassure you that the interests and well-being of our clients and staff is paramount to all of us at The Explorations Company.

As we have done for the last 30+ years, we will always do our very best to support you, come what may. Our highly bespoke and personalised service, alongside our close on-the-ground contacts and expert knowledge of the destinations in which we operate, means that we are excellently placed to respond when disruptions arise.

Most of our clients with travel scheduled in the short term remain very positive and have requested temporary postponement so that their carefully crafted holidays and safaris are essentially undisrupted, albeit delayed. We are working hard to closely monitor government advices - and the overall situation - so we can help everyone, where relevant, rearrange and defer travel to 2021.

This process has been extremely encouraging and allows continued anticipation of a stunning trip. In-country it has been most reassuring that establishments (especially with bookings in the medium to longer term and those with whom we have worked for many years), have been highly understanding and flexible.

If you do have any concerns about your travel, we would urge you to contact us.

Our promise to you

The Explorations Company will keep abreast of the latest developments and be up-front and honest with you about the situation ‘on the ground’ in the countries in which we operate. We will work together with you, keeping your wellbeing as our top priority. We are also keeping in touch with our suppliers, hotels, lodges and camps to ensure that they are responding appropriately to the developing situation so that you can, hopefully sooner rather than later, travel with confidence - whenever that may be.

What can you do?

We are speaking to all our clients who have travel scheduled for 2020 and to those where we are in the process of arranging itineraries for 2021, but we very much encourage talking to us about any concerns and, where appropriate, consider postponement to avoid anticipated demand in due course. It’s worth mentioning here that we have had cancellations only in cases where travel simply cannot be postponed; it’s gratifying that our clients all still want to travel and, as an aside, fully appreciate that many local communities, charitable projects and conservation programmes which we are involved with and support in-country, rely so much on the income from the travel industry. 

We’d like to highlight this latter point as we feel it is terribly important, especially given our philanthropic ethic. Without continued income from the travel industry, many local lodge and camp staff will lose their jobs and therefore their only income stream for their families. In Africa, certainly, each person who is employed in hotels and lodges often supports up to 10 family members, so the knock-on effect is enormous. Projects supporting education or healthcare in communities around National Parks may be damaged, leading to suffering of local communities and degradation of local wildlife and habitats.

Furthermore, essential anti-poaching and conflict-mitigation projects may no longer have the resources to protect precious endangered species from poachers. It’s a vicious circle.

So - start planning now for next year!

We all need something to look forward to! We would love to discuss your future travel plans with you. Worth mentioning, too, that we are continuously talking to suppliers to gain assurances of understanding and flexibility should disruptions arise, so that you can book with confidence.

And finally, we may all be at home for the time being, but it’s worth reminding ourselves about the advice we have been given in respect of hand washing, self-isolation and social distancing so please do watch this video with a difference!

For further information, please do feel free to contact Nicola directly or at The Explorations Company